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Experiential Timeline

Select the different sections below to see a year-by-year timeline to guide you through the steps for being a successful student and job-seeking professional.  Resources to support these steps can be found by clicking the "Career Prep Resources" link on the right.

You can also connect with the Center for Experiential Learning on Facebook or read about the Yote Experience.

Experiential Learning, Year by Year

Freshman: Explore Your Options

Academic Exploration & Planning

Areas of Involvement: Investigation

Goal Setting, Organization, & Commitment Management

  • Development of time management, organizational & goal-setting skills

Networking (Coyote Connections)

Sophomore: Involve Yourself

Skill Identification/Strengths

Study Away Exploration

Co-Curricular Transcript: Initiate

Internship Exploration/Applications


Junior: Initiate Your Process

Personalized Career Guidance

Internship Search/Applications

Resume and Cover Letter Development

  • Revisit & Update Your Professional Materials

Interview Prep & Mock Interviewing with CEL Office

Honor Scholarships


  • Create & Cultivate a Mentor Relationship
  • Intentional Networking
Senior: Activate Your Plan

Tips for Transition

  • Student Life to Real Life

Graduate School Applications and Test Prep

Interview Practice

  • Coyote Connections - Attend Alumni Networking Events
  • Mock Interviewing with CEL Staff

Improving Social Media Image

Apply for Jobs