Current Team Members

Osteoblast extracellular matrix research

  • Shea Wright
  • Dayne Filer
  • Kyle Quinney

Osteoblast signaling transduction research

  • Thao Ha
  • Danny Cortes

Research Technician

  • Shalimar Frost

Photo: Dr. Heggland, Jackeline Rodriguez Reyes and Kate Arbon working in the lab, 2008.

Recent News

Congratulations to Kendra Coonse and Jackeline Rodriquez Reyes.  Kendra and Jackie, former lab members, started medical school this fall 2010 at University of Washington and University of Connecticut, respectively.

Dr. Heggland's lab received a research grant from Fraternal Order of the Eagles (December 2010) to fund research related to cancer biology.

Wendy Harvey has move beyond cadmium toxicology and is now studying TCDD toxicity in the liver. Wendy is at Boise State University pursuing her Master's degree in Biology in Dr. Kristen Mitchell's lab.

Dr. Heggland received an NIH AREA R15 grant ($150,000) from NIEHS to fund the lab's research on cadmium-induced osteotoxicity.

Congratulations to Ashley McCartney.  Ashley received a Sigma Xi Research grant this fall to help fund her work on estradiol and cadmium interaction in osteoblasts.  Ashley will present her research at the Society of Toxicology meeting in Seattle, WA in April, 2008.  Ashley is currently working on her Master's degree at Boise State University in Dr. Kristen Mitchell's lab.

Congratulations to Mike Wells.  Mike received First Place Oral Presentation at the 49th Annual Idaho Academy of Science meeting, Idaho Falls, April 19-21, 2007 for his research on "effects of cadmium and estradiol on osteoblast activity in the scales of female zebrafish (Danio rerio).  Mike is working on his PhD at the University of Michigan in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

Congratulations to Lindsey Hunt!  Lindsey is the first CofI student to receive an Undergraduate Toxicology Education Award from the Society of Toxicology (SOT).   The Undergraduate Toxicology Education Award will provide financial support for Lindsey to participate in the Undergraduate Education Program at the SOT Annual Meeting held in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 2007. This award will include an introduction to the discipline of toxicology for undergraduates, a special poster session with scientists, and activities with a SOT mentor.

Research by Lindsey Hunt and Jackeline Rodriquez-Reyes has been accepted for presentation at the SOT meeting held in Charlotte, North Carolina in March 2007.  They will present their work titled "Investigation of cadmium-induced oxidative stress and changes in RUNX2 mRNA expression in the human osteoblast-like cell line, Saos-2."

Congratulations to Shalimar Frost!  Shalimar earned First Place Oral Presentation at Idaho Academy of Science held at the University of Idaho Spring 2006.  She gave an impressive presentation entitled "the use of piscine cell lines in environmental toxicology."

Congratulation to Kendra Coonse.  Kendra, a senior biology major, received her second research grant from Sigma Xi Research Society.  The grant will help fund Kendra's biology honors project examining the role of caspase 3 and RUNX2 in cadmium-induced apoptosis in cultured osteosarcoma cells.