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Learn the vibrant history, culture and customs of ancient and modern day Latin America.

This program will challenge you to:

  • Learn the significant role Latin America has played throughout world history.
  • Study the people, places and cultures that form the rich tapestry of Latin America.
  • Complete 16 credits and a portfolio in Spanish, anthropology and history.
  • Deepen your understanding by studying abroad.
Humanities & Fine Arts Social Sciences & History Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Latin American Studies Minor

Peaks this program fulfills

  • Social Sciences & History

Courses and Requirements

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Minor Requirements

16 credits minimum

Senior Portfolio (1 credit):

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
LAS-490 Senior Portfolio 1 credits


LAS-490 will consist of a 1-credit portfolio and evaluation of the program. The first Friday after mid-semester break, students will submit a portfolio of relevant work completed, such as exams and papers. In 1000 to 1500 words, students will complete an assessment of the most important academic lessons learned and skills acquired during their course of study. The evaluation must also provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the Latin American Studies minor. The portfolio will not be graded but is required for completion of the minor. 


Complete at least 2 courses from the following (6 credits):

Course choices must come from at least 2 different departments.

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ATH-249 Natives of South America 3 credits
HIS-230 History of Modern Latin America 3 credits
SPA-201 Spanish Language and Culture III 3 credits
SPA-202 Spanish Language and Culture IV 3 credits
SPA-235 Spanish for Heritage Speakers 3 credits


Complete three courses from the following (9 credits):

At least two courses (6 credits) must be 300- or 400-level.

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ATH-128 Understanding Spirit in Art and Culture 3 credits
ATH-305 Culture Change and the World System 3 credits
HIS-378 Liberation Theology 3 credits
HIS-381 Military and Society in Latin America 3 credits
HIS-382 Revolutionary Mexico 3 credits
HIS-385 Conquest and Encounters 3 credits
HIS-386 Religions in Latin American 3 credits
HIS-387 Cuba 3 credits
HIS-388 Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Latin America 3 credits
HIS-389 Latin American-U.S. Relations 3 credits
SPA-305 Prfssns & Prcts in Spanish-Spkng World 3 credits
SPA-306 Cultures and Polemics in Spanish 3 credits
SPA-307 Lit of Caribbean North/Central America 3 credits
SPA-308 Peninsular and South American Literature 3 credits
SPA-401 Film & Lit in Spanish-Speaking World 3 credits
SPA-402 Genre Studies 3 credits
SPA-412 Latin American Indigenous Studies 3 credits

At least 9 credits of the 16 required for the minor must be from Anthropology and/or History.

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