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Gain skills for success in college, your career, and life. Our required minor for all PEAK students.

This program will challenge you to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to write and think critically in college.
  • Embody the College's liberal arts spirit in a capstone for your major.
  • Graduate prepared to accept and succeed in life's opportunities and challenges.
Humanities & Fine Arts Social Sciences & History Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Professional Foundations and Enhancements Minor

Peaks this program fulfills

  • Professional Studies & Enhancements

Courses and Requirements

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Minor Requirements

Writing Foundations (2-3 credits)

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
FYS-101First-Year Seminar3 credits
IND-301Transfer Seminar2 credits

Quantitative Reasoning Foundations (3 credits)

Take MAT-120 or higher. Math requirement may vary dependent on program of study.

Intercultural Knowledge Foundations (3 credits)

Take one of the following:
Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
HIS-110Civilization: Western to 10003 credits
HIS-111Civilization: Western to 18003 credits
HIS-112Civilization: World to 18003 credits

Capstone Experience (0-3 credits)

Capstone experience in student's major program

Professional Foundations (3-6 credits)

Complete 3-6 credits of the following:

Internship (497) Collaborative Research Off-Campus Study Courses Community-Based Learning/Service Learning Courses Other Applied-Learning and Pre-Professional Courses by Approval

Students are strongly encouraged to satisfy this requirement by participating in at least two courses from separate categories or engaging in two different opportunities within the same category (e.g., an internship with two different organizations/companies).