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Upcoming Programs

Third-Party Providers

There are four, third-party program hosts that the college works with primarily: ISAUSACACM, and Arcadia. These are independent student opportunities, but offer a variety of locations and studies to choose from. Between these four providers, you can practically study anywhere and anything in the world. We also have a partnership with China's Ocean University if you are looking to study in China. 

Student Travel Awards

Students who participate in faculty-led study away courses may be eligible for a modest stipend supporting travel costs. These awards are based on a student's financial need, prior study abroad experience, class standing, and other factors. To apply for a travel award, students should contact the faculty member(s) leading the course.

generous grant to the College provides special assistance to students participating in study away courses led by History Department faculty.  More grant opportunities exist by visiting our Institutional Scholarships page and clicking on "High Impact Experience Grants."

Upcoming Trips

January 2020

Greece: From Homer to St. Paul
Faculty Leaders: Phil Rogers ([email protected]) and Mark Smith ([email protected])
Cap: 25
No pre-reqs/ Open to all students


March 2020

BUS 356: Exploring Business in New York City
Faculty Leaders: Rick Goodwin ([email protected]) and John Danielson ([email protected]) (Marilyn Melchiorre is also traveling with the group)
Cap: 12
No pre-reqs/ Open to all students
Preference for those who completed BUS 100

Bikepacking in Utah
Faculty leaders: Matt Laye ([email protected]) and Bix Firer ([email protected]
Cap: 8
No pre-reqs/ Open to all students
Preparation course: First 6 weeks of Spring Semester
Cost: ~$1100

Learn how to train and plan for an outdoor wilderness adventure of biking and camping in beautiful Southern Utah. In this course, you will spend 6 weeks undergoing exercise testing and training in preparation for a 3-4 day 100 mile bike-packing adventure along the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah over Spring Break. In addition students will learn critical outdoor leadership skills such route planning, meal planning, Leave No Trace instruction, and backcountry travel techniques. Price should include transportation and gear rental. Course lectures/labs are the first 6 weeks of Spring Semester.


May-June 2020

Reading the Mountains: Scotland Study Abroad
Faculty leaders: Scott Knickerbocker ([email protected]) and Jaime Goode ([email protected])
Cap: 12
Pre-reqs: FYS 101 and ENV 389/ Open to all students. 
Cost: ~$4000
Application due: Fall 2019

This three-week May/June course is an interdisciplinary study of Scotland's mountains through the lenses of natural history, geology, literature, and creative nonfiction writing. Most of the course will be spent in remote villages and involve rigorous hiking in the mountains. The course is open to all majors, although Environmental Studies majors/minors are encouraged to apply. 

Regional Cultures of the British Isles
Faculty Leaders: Sue Schaper ([email protected]) and Steve Maughan ([email protected])
Course Cap: 18
Pre-req: ENG 220 or instructor permission/ Open to all students
Cost: ~$4500

The British Isles, which include England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and numerous island communities such as the Channel, Aran, Orkney, and Shetland Islands, are a collection of rich and varied regional cultures, histories, and languages. This off-campus course will explore several of these regions, examining their complex pasts and emerging identities in the twenty-first century.  We will visit seaside villages, the scenic Yorkshire Dales, the port city of Liverpool, nearby ancient Chester, and of course the capital city London.  Traversing landscapes by train, canal boat, and on foot, we will consider the dynamic relationships between people and their environments and ponder the emerging shape of the British Isles today.  


January 2021

Winter Wilderness Experience
Faculty leaders: Scott Knickerbocker ([email protected]) and Megan Dixon ([email protected])
Cap: 10
Pre-reqs: FYS 101 and IND 305.1 (fall prep course)/ Open to all students
Cost: ~$2000
Application due spring term 2020

The Winter Wilderness Experience (WWE), an off-campus program based in the Sawtooth Mountains of Stanley, Idaho, is a team-taught, interdisciplinary, place-based, and experiential examination of environmental issues. WWE focuses on public land policy, cultural geography, creative writing, winter ecology, wilderness studies (literary, historical, and philosophical), and backcountry skiing. Students take a 2-credit preparatory course during the Fall term before the 4-credit Winter course. Three credits from WWE are equivalent to the ENV-200: Nature and Culture. As determined by the instructors in consultation with each student, the remaining 3 credits of WWE can apply to either the Creative Writing or Social Science electives within the Environmental Studies major.

Coastal Marine Ecology Winter 2021 (Florida)
Faculty leaders:  Chris Walser ([email protected])
Cap: 12
Pre-reqs: BIO 203 with BIO 203L/ Open to ES majors and BIO majors

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
Faculty leader: Jennie Daniels ([email protected])
Cost: ~$2300
Pre-req: SPA-101 or equivalent proficiency/ Open to all students
On-campus prep course followed by nine to 11 days of travel

Join World Languages on a study away in Guayaquil, Ecuador! Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is a course that helps to prepare students for working in linguistically and culturally diverse settings. Students will meet with healthcare professionals in the Treasure Valley and Guayaquil, Ecuador to learn about providing healthcare in diverse settings, including rural, urban, and historically disadvantaged communities. In addition, students will build medically-related Spanish vocabulary and practice using the language in a variety of authentic settings (clinics, educational facilities, home visits, and more). Beginning to heritage and native Spanish speakers welcome.

London: Art, History, and Literature
Faculty Leaders:  Steve Maughan ([email protected]) and Sue Schaper ([email protected])
Cap: 18
Pre-req: IND 307.01 (Fall 2020)/ Open to all majors
Application process
Cost: ~$4500

An interdisciplinary study of the art, history, and literature of London. During our stay in London, we will explore this complex and exciting contemporary world city, considering the role historical and cultural forces have played in shaping London.  Using writers and artists from the last three hundred years as our guides, we will explore London’s museums, art galleries, literary haunts, cathedrals, theatres, and historic neighborhoods. We may take daytrips to Oxford or Cambridge.

We have a busy schedule, but there is always time for you to explore the city on your own or in the company of your traveling companions, convening at day’s end in historic and picturesque pubs to share your experiences. For approximately one week during our stay, you will leave London on a side trip to destinations of your own choosing. Those on past trips have traveled to Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and Denmark.


March 2021

Social Entrepreneurship Travel Abroad: Europe (Singapore)
Faculty leaders: Allen Traylor and Marilyn Melchiorre ([email protected])
Course cap 12
No pre-req/ Open to all students with preference for those who completed BUS 100


May-June 2021

Mapping the Maya World
Faculty Leader: Mee-Ae Kim ([email protected])
Course Cap: 14
Pre-reqs: HIS 399: Digital History (1 credit) and HIS 385: Conquest and Encounters (3 credits)/ Open to all majors
Cost: ~$3500

This course explores the historic and contemporary Mayan societies of the Yucatan peninsula and Chiapas in Mexico. We will visit multiple Mayan ruins, including Becan, Calakmul, Palenque, Uxmal, and Yaxchitlan, and explore colonial cities such as Campeche, Izamal, and Mérida.  We will also spend time visiting several Mayan-majority towns and communities to explore the question of what it means to be Maya today. As a digital history course, students will contribute images, videos, essays to the Mapping Mexico project.