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Fall 2021/COVID-19 Updates: The College has returned to full in-person learning with indoor masking required. Read More

Upcoming Programs

Third-Party Providers

There are three third-party program hosts that the college primarily works with: ISAUSAC, Semester at Sea. These are independent student opportunities, but offer a variety of locations and studies to choose from. Between these providers, you can practically study anywhere and anything in the world.

The College of Idaho has direct billing agreements with these providers, allowing you to have your financial aid awards to be considered in the payment of these programs. At the beginning of your application process you will meet with our Financial Aid department to discuss your available options for payment and to explain the transaction.

Please come visit the Center for Experiential Learning Office to discuss your options.

Student Travel Awards

Students who participate in faculty-led study away courses may be eligible for a modest stipend supporting travel costs. These awards are based on a student's financial need, prior study abroad experience, class standing, and other factors. To apply for a travel award, students should contact the faculty member(s) leading the course.

generous grant to the College provides special assistance to students participating in study away courses led by History Department faculty.  More grant opportunities exist by visiting our Institutional Scholarships page and clicking on "High Impact Experience Grants."

Upcoming Trips

May 2021

BIO 322: Field Botany

Pre-reqs: BIO 202
Dates/ place of travel: On-campus and off-campus field study from May 3-May 24
Approximate cost: NONE
Due date of application (if necessary): Just register for BIO 322.
Faculty contact: Don Mansfield

BIO 326: Coastal Marine Ecology (Florida) 

Pre-reqs: BIO 203
Dates/ place of travel: May 3-May 24  (travel begins approx. May 10 and return May 24).
Southwest Florida including Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys
Approximate cost: $2700
Faculty contact: Chris Walser

IND 307.02: London: Art, History, and Literature

Pre-reqs:   IND 307.01 and Instructor Permission
Date/ place of travel:  May Term, London
Approximate cost: $4000
Due date of application:  Jan. 8, 2020   
Faculty Contact: Steve Maughan or Sue Schaper
*Grants may be available to eligible students through the Howard Berger travel fund

HIS 3XX: The Maya World

Pre-req: HIS: 385: Conquest and Encounters OR HIS 382: Revolutionary Mexico
Date and place of travel: May 3-May 24, 2021. Mexican states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Chiapas, and Oaxaca.
Approximate Cost: $3500 (includes flights, hotels, land transportation, and some meals)
Faculty contact: Mee-Ae Kim
*Grants may be available to eligible students through the Howard Berger travel fund