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Upcoming Programs

Third-Party Providers

There are four, third-party program hosts that the college works with primarily: ISAUSACACM, and Arcadia. These are independent student opportunities, but offer a variety of locations and studies to choose from. Between these four providers, you can practically study anywhere and anything in the world. We also have a partnership with China's Ocean University if you are looking to study in China. 

Student Travel Awards

Students who participate in faculty-led study away courses may be eligible for a modest stipend supporting travel costs. These awards are based on a student's financial need, prior study abroad experience, class standing, and other factors. To apply for a travel award, students should contact the faculty member(s) leading the course.

generous grant to the College provides special assistance to students participating in study away courses led by History Department faculty.

Winter 2019

Stanley: Winter Wilderness (Dr. Knickerbocker, Dr. Dixon)

  • Prerequisites: permission.
  • The Winter Wilderness Experience (WWE): an off-campus program based in the Sawtooth Mountains of Stanley, Idaho, is a team-taught, interdisciplinary, place-based, and experiential examination of environmental issues. WWE focuses on public land policy, cultural geography, creative writing, winter ecology, wilderness studies (literary, historical, and philosophical), and backcountry skiing. Students take a 2-credit preparatory course during the Fall term before the 4-credit Winter term course. Three credits from WWE are equivalent to the Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENV 200: Nature and Culture). As determined by the instructors in consultation with each student, the remaining 3 credits of WWE can apply to either Creative Writing or the Social Science electives within the Environmental Studies major. Student admission to WWE is determined by formal applications as well as personal interviews conducted in spring 2018.


Belize: Field Biology (Dr. Walser, Dr. Himler)

  • Approximate cost: $4,400 (3 weeks in Belize)
  • Informational meeting will be held Spring Term 2018—date/time TBA.
  • Open to Environmental Studies and Biology Students who have taken the required re-requisite courses.
  • BIO 346.1 Field Biology Preparatory Course (1 unit): Fall 2018
  • BIO 346 Field Biology-Belize (4 units): Winter 2019
  • Topics: Tropical rainforest ecology, Marine ecology, Belize natural history


Ecuador: (Dr. Luke Daniels and Dr. Jennie Daniels)

  • Courses (5 credits, including):
    •   - Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
  •     (SPA210/310 – 3 credits)
    •   - Special Topics in Biology
  •     (BIO199T – 1 credit)
    •   - Health & Human Performance Practicum*
  •     (HHP399T – 1 credit)
  • Trip details:
    •   - On-campus work during Winter 2019 and 10-12 days in-country
    •   - Language and Cultural Immersion
    •   - Observation of Ecuadorian Health Care settings

Summer 2019

Mexico: (Dr. Kim)

  • Description to come

London: (Dr. Maughan, Dr. Shaper, Dr. Claassen)

The London course trip is the second part of a two-part course on the art, literature, and history of the city. The first part will run in the spring of 2019 and will prepare you to appreciate your experience of London on a deeper intellectual level than any standard package tour can deliver.

During our three weeks in London, we will cover a lot of ground. Activities include attending plays and musical performances; visiting museums, galleries, famous outdoor markets in Notting Hill and Camden Town; and making day-trips to cities like Oxford or Cambridge. There is a tour of the Houses of Parliament and walking tours of the Jewish East End, of parts of the city most affected by the Blitz, of the Regent’s Street and Regent’s Park development, and of the sites of the Ripper murders. While we have a busy schedule, there is always enough time for you to explore the city on your own or in the company of your traveling companions, convening at day’s end in historic and picturesque pubs to share your experiences. For approximately one week during our stay, you will leave London on a side trip to destinations of your own choosing. Those on past trips have gone to Europe, Scotland, and Ireland. Our hotel will be located in Bayswater, just north of Hyde Park. It’s a safe neighborhood, with a variety of reasonably priced food choices, many of them ethnic, and access to two Tube stops and a major bus line.

The course has been offered regularly since 1995, and has the reputation of being a life-changing experience that provides the tools for students to become knowledgeable, confident, independent travelers. It will be taught by Professors Steve Maughan, Sue Schaper, and Garth Claassen.