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Upcoming Programs

Student Travel Awards

Students who participate in faculty-led study away courses may be eligible for a modest stipend supporting travel costs. These awards are based on a student's financial need, prior study abroad experience, class standing, and other factors. To apply for a travel award, students should contact the faculty member(s) leading the course.

generous grant to the College provides special assistance to students participating in study away courses led by History Department faculty.

Winter 2018


Students enrolled in "Coastal Marine Ecology" will spend the first eight days of the Winter Term on campus, followed by a 14-day trip to south Florida (Seahorse Key, Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades National Park, The Florida Keys, and other locales). Plan to attend the Informational Meeting (12:35-12:55 p.m., March 10, Boone 216), if you are interested. This course will be led by Professors Chris Walser and Anna Himler.

Great Britain & South Africa: Research in the Transatlantic Colonial Experience

This course will allow students to engage in research on the transatlantic Anglophone colonial world. Through archival and field work, students will execute an original research design and gather data on lived colonial experiences, colonial justifications, and the socio-political aftermath of colonialism in former colonies. After students have completed a pre-requisite preparatory course in fall 2017, this faculty-led, off-campus course will take students to archives, museums, and historically relevant sites in England and South Africa. After the trip, students will complete a final research paper for the History or International Political Economy senior seminars, or through a one-credit writing seminar. Required classes include: POE 392- Field Research Methods & Prep; three weeks of travel to Great Britain (London, Kew) and South Africa (Cape Town, Stellenbosch); Senior Seminar in IPE/History or 1-credit writing seminar. Cost: ~$4,000 includes flights, accommodations, some meals, and some museum/site fees. Course recommendations: Political Economy of Development (POE 3511) and/or a 300-level History course with a completed Research Intensive. This trip will be led by Professors Erin Hern and Mee-Ae Kim.

Summer 2018

Scotland: Reading the Mountains

This May/June trip to Scotland is an interdisciplinary study of northern Britain's mountains through the lenses of natural history, geology, literature, and creative nonfiction writing. It is a 4-credit trip with a 1-credit prep course. Most of the trip will be spent in remote villages and involves rigorous hiking in the mountains. The course is open to all majors, though Environmental Studies majors/minors are encouraged to apply. Permission to enroll in this course is determined by formal applications as well as personal interviews. Details to follow Fall 2017. This trip will be led by Professors Scott Knickerbocker and Jaime Goode.

Israel: Identities in Israel

This course is an on-site interdisciplinary study of the identities in Israel from antiquity to the present in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Negev, and the North. We will gain an understanding of the development of the most important components of ancient Israel and modern Israeli daily life, society, and culture. We will explore the search for identity, dialogue and search for peace among many sectors of contemporary Israeli society — Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bedouins — through the study of Arabic and Hebrew, literature, art, architecture, costume, gastronomy, and urbanization. This three-credit course will take place in May 2018. The cost is roughly $3,700, which includes flights, internal travel and lodgings. There are possibilities for scholarships. The trip will be led by Professor Federica Francesconi.

Third-Party Providers

There are four, third-party program hosts that the college works with primarily: ISAUSACACM, and Arcadia. These are independent student opportunities, but offer a variety of locations and studies to choose from. Between these four providers, you can practically study anywhere and anything in the world. We also have a partnership with China's Ocean University if you are looking to study in China.