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Spring 2022/COVID-19 Updates: The College has removed on-campus mask mandates, effective immediately. Read More

Accessibility & Learning Excellence Accommodations

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are meant to increase opportunities for students and help professors fairly evaluate the comprehension of the course content.

Academic accommodations are assessed on an individual basis through an interactive process between the professor, Director of Accessibility & Learning Excellence, and student, and are backed by appropriate documentation.

Access and opportunities, not alterations in academic expectations, can provide students the chance to learn and grow in an accommodating environment.

Common Academic Accommodations:

  • Note-taking assistance
  • Proctored exams in the testing facility
  • Extended time on exams
  • Exams in an alternate format
  • Distraction reduced learning environment
  • Breaks
  • Use of a calculator
  • Assistive Technology (tape recorder, print enlargers, etc)
  • Flexible deadlines or attendance
  • Use of a computer for essay exams
  • Use of computer for note-taking
  • Accessible media, or textbooks in an alternate format (pdf, audio)
  • Nonuse of Scantron
  • Video Captions
  • Food or drink in class

Other Accommodations

The College of Idaho also takes an individualized, interactive approach to facilitate dietary, residential, emergency evacuation, or animal assistance accommodations. If any student needs an accommodation to their meal plan or campus housing, they are encouraged to meet with the Director of Accessibility & Learning Excellence to provide disability documentation, discuss their unique needs, and create a plan every semester.

The College also has a Sensory Room, located in our Health & Wellness Center inside Hendren Hall. Sensory Rooms provide a safe and interactive environment for students to explore their senses and improve the way they process new information. Sensory rooms aim to create a feeling of safety where sensory stimulation is within a student's control. Learn more about the Sensory Room here.