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Lamington National Park Day 1

Today we officially ended our stay in the city and embarked on our next Australian adventure. Our destination: Lamington National Park. The ride up went smoothly enough—we stopped only once as we encountered a herd of cows traveling along the road. Immediately upon arrival, we spotted two of the four animals we are hoping to film: the carpet python and the lace monitor lizard. With this boost in excitement, we set out on our hike through the rainforest. We reached the top and looked over the entire forest—a truly breathtaking sight that no camera could capture. We saw plentiful skinks and several native birds. Our last stop, the pools, was a nice, soothing rest stop (despite the presence of the rumored eels). The "two" hour hike suddenly grew to four and a half hours. Pace slowed and spirits fell as we struggled back up the mountainside. Eventually, we managed to return to the lodge for an amazing dinner and we felt revived once more.

As I walked back to the tent after dinner, I happened upon a few wild wallabies. The walk was accompanied by an immense array of wildlife music—the forest had come alive in the night. The sound was incredibly loud, unlike anything in Idaho. Although I was exhausted from our hike, I was reminded why we’re here. This is what Australia has to offer: a beautiful landscape and incredible wildlife. Suddenly, I wasn’t quite as tired as before.


Danielle Holt

Junior Biology Major