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What can you do on Heron Island when stuck in a cyclone?

Excerpt from Sara Davis' Journal, "Interpretations" section: What can you do on Heron Island when stuck in a cyclone?

  • Work on a project manuscript until you want to blow up yourself AND your partner (check)
  • Go to the resort and get caught by your Professor (whoops, check)
  • Play cricket in the rain (C of I cricket club, here I come!) (check)
  • Take a 2 hour nap (check)
  • Journal the most abstract and completely irrelevant animals you can conjure, like the cast of Finding Nemo all on the same page (check)
  • Shower, only to never be dry again. (check)
  • Go on a walk like a fool! (SIKE!) (but check)
  • Attend lectures and pretend there is something better to do, when in reality there isn't (check)
  • Go to the overpriced gift shop on the resort (check)
  • Play tetris when you should be studying for the next quiz, and the next quiz, and the next quiz (check)
  • Consider working on the manuscript again, but opt not to (check)
  • Look at your bottle of sunscreen with yearning and comment on its mockery (check)
  • Email friends and family only to realize that daily updates are futile (check)
  • Resolve to watch David Attenborough documentaries for the rest of the trip (check)


End Excerpt.