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Top 5 Things I Miss About C of I After One Month Apart

I’m Megan Mizuta, and I’m yours for the next year.  That is, I’ll be one of your student bloggers for the upcoming school year—here to connect you with the C of I community and its goings-on. 

Basic facts first: I’m headed into my sophomore year, currently majoring in International Political Economy, minoring in Art History, Business, and Natural Sciences, and hail from the not-so-far away land of Boise, Idaho.  I serve as a student ambassador (we’re the people that give campus tours and dine with prospective students), and write for the campus newspaper and yearbook, The Coyote and The Trail, respectively. I’m also a Heritage Scholar and the Education Chairman and Registrar for Zeta Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. And I've just received my appointment to serve on Judicial Board. I know I just hit you with a tiny version of a resume, but I promise to only do that once.

At this point last year, I was collecting every scrap of information that might bring me closer to college and I regarded this student blog as something of a goldmine of information comparable to facebook. So I hope that whether you’re a 2016 Yotie, a possible Yotie, Yotie parent, potential Yotie parent, current Yotie, or anything else, that you find some insight into life at College of Idaho from myself and my fellow bloggers.

So, because I’m a great lover of lists, here’s the “Top Five Things I Miss About C of I After One Month Apart” 

1. The People

Notice this doesn’t just say ‘friends.’ I miss the Yoties that I’d see every day, whether I’m close to them or not.  I want to see people slacklining in the Quad, sitting on Berger’s Bench, or staked out at their usual tables in the library. I even miss the folfers a tiny bit, even though I’m often afraid of being struck by an errant disc. 

2. Class

C of I feeds the mind. Summer tends not to. While I am getting in all the leisure reading I want, I’m craving some good class discussion and maybe a nice art lecture.  

3. Convenience

Friends who live next door, or at most two minutes away? Food that you don’t have to make and not having to wash the dishes? Living mere meters from the classroom I need to be in? Can’t beat it.

4. Food

The Caf is tasty—the horror stories about college food can be disproven with a visit to the Caf. I’m missing the dessert table pretty badly. Besides, see the above ‘convenience’ item.

5. The Library

It’s quiet (ok, parts of it are quiet), full of books, with big tables to spread out on, and it’s the place to be if you’re looking to get stuff done. 

-Megan Mizuta

P.S. This photo is from Winter Term, when C of I took us roller skating in Nampa. Who knew you go to college and then go roller skating? I'm on the left.