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Melons, Plates and the End of the World

So the first week has ended (a very short week, mind you) and already I have been assigned an abundance of reading from my professors, attended a rave and harvested some succulent melons from the garden. Not much has changed on the homework front but looking around campus, I can tell that my last year at C of I will not be dull. Changes have been made to the McCain Cafe, such as the introduction of plates and cutlery (not just paper plates.) This greatly pleases me as it means that we will now be reusing plates instead of sending scores of paper plates and to-go boxes into the dump. Also, the menu has been updated and I look forward to trying some "ale battered cheese curds" and "garlic fries." Yum. 

On the topic of food, we have an abundance of ripe vegetables and fruits in the garden. As a sustainability steward, I was given the task of taking care of the school garden and chickens at the eco-house. This year we have had a great amount of success both selling vegetables on campus and to the Caf (I work with Rahul and you can check out his blog too!) Right now we have the most juicy melons I have ever had the pleasure of eating, along with a great variety of tomatoes. It is an exciting time to be on campus.

On top of all of this change and excitement, I have been very happy with my classes which I have chosen for this fall. The class that I am most looking forward to (after completing some of the readings) is Mee-Ae Kim's Mesoamerican history class. Over the weekend I have been reading all about the upcoming "end of the world" as predicted by the Mayans so very long ago. Apparently we will all get A's if the end of the world does occur on December 21st. However, I don't think I will be counting on that, so I better get back to reading!

- Natasha Rooney

Natasha is a senior history major from Melbourne, Australia.