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I like to think that I’m a fairly hard-working person. However, I have one weakness. I don’t always like to cook. Don’t get me wrong: I cook a mean omelet when cornered. But sometimes I just have days when I just don't want to cook. This has certainly burgeoned my relationship with all of our lovely Bon Appetit staff. As a senior, I don’t spend as much time in Simplot as your average freshman, but McCain has been one of my favorite bases since my freshman year. I’ve really come to value the communal experience that simply eating offers here at the college.

Even though there’s plenty of decent food to be found across Caldwell (Tacos el Rey!), there’s really something special about that moment of Zen in waiting for a sandwich around 2 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon.  We humans are pretty good at eating, and food is pretty good at getting all of us to congregate in one place. Some of my best memories here have been spent on the couches in the SUB, sharing something from the Den or sipping a hot Chai on a November morning.

We trade meals off of our plans like currency, we all have a preferred time to go, and we all pay homage to the mighty sriracha gods. Sometimes you’re only able to scarf some food in between your midday classes, and other times you’ll spend an entire Saturday morning just talking to whoever’s rotating through your table.

It’s astounding how much of an impact this simple activity has on each one of us every day. Recently I met fellow Delta Tau Delta brother who had transferred from his original college in Maine to a commuter school in Utah. One of the things he reflected on as he was visiting was how hard it was to meet new people at his new school, compared to his previous college which had dining halls. I don’t know how his old school and C of I compare to each other, but I think his musings strike some chords with my perception of Simplot and McCain. No matter how you slice it, mastering the simple and subtle things makes the larger whole great. Try the Coyote Muffin.

-Andrew Moore

Andrew is a senior psychology major from Boise, ID.