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What 2016 Has Taught Me - It's Been a Loooong Year


The other night, I had a really weird dream.

Stay with me, dear reader. It’s a good one.

Let me set the tone of the dream up for you: the world was ending and I had super powers. The president (in this case, it was Donald Trump. I am so terribly sorry for that) gathered everybody into Dodger Stadium to go over a plan in saving the human race. Next thing I know, I’m flying all over the stadium, promising people I will defeat the evil and save the world. I get my family back to their car, tell them to drive to safety, and give a heartbreaking farewell. I then meet the evil entity that was threatening the world at large in a desolate landscape (like the desert or a Sprint store after 11 a.m.). Just as I am starting to get scared that I can’t fight this thing, Iron Man and Spiderman show up to help me. They introduce themselves and promise to fight alongside me for the greater good. We defeat the evil monster, yeah! The world is saved. Iron Man becomes the president, and he awards me the medal of honor for my bravery. I leave the ceremony to coach a softball game.

Then I wake up.

Now, beloved reader, what does this say about me, you ask?

When Spiderman and Iron Man came to help me save the day, they asked me what my super hero name was. Since both of them had an adjective that described their super hero self, followed by “man,” I thought it would be funny to say “Women Man,” because it fit with their nerdy name pattern. After waking up and describing the dream to my mom, I couldn’t stop laughing at my dumb dream joke.

If dreams are a reflection of your consciousness, then mine is hilarious. Because even in the presence of two great heroes, I still had to make a stupid joke.

And here is the part where I turn this into a lesson:

Laugh at yourself. Make stupid jokes. Dance like no one is watching. Heck, dance like everyone is watching. Just be ridiculous and dorky and fun, because the world will end and we all will die and if you never take any time to laugh or smile and enjoy things, then none of it will matter.

Trust me; I’m a person of authority. I know Iron Man, and he’s president, so… I know my stuff.

As a final note: if 2016 has taught me anything, it is this one thing…

Don’t take anything too seriously. Your luck will swing back and forth, but you have to enjoy who you are through it all. Everything has a way of figuring itself out, and it often doesn’t matter what you do.

Thank you for staying with me through that wild ride. And thank you for reading. Cheers! Happy New Year! And I will see you again in 2017.

Katherine Lizarraga is a senior creative writing major from Los Angeles, California.