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Stay: A Swan Song

Well, here we go.

It is finally time for to say goodbye not only to this blog, but to CofI and the family I’ve made here the last four years. That being said, sit your ass down and get ready for some imparted wisdom.

Tangible History

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t think I have sat down in 3 months. Emotionally sat down, I mean. And I haven’t seen the sun in 5. I am so tired. Imagine running a marathon the last four years and then right as you get to the home stretch someone lights you on fire. Welcome to the last month of senior year.

A Time to Remember

Tranquility can be hard to find right now.

The end has come and with it busy days. Despite that, we press on as students. Certain of ourselves, we smile anyway. Trees are scenting and bushes are wriggling, signals of change.

We are nearly at the end.

For me, I am at a closer end than most.

Red, Red Rocks

Note: Click here to check out photos from the C of I Outdoor Program trip to Zion's National Park.

Sorry 'Bout It (yes that was me on the CWI commercial)

I’m a traitor to The College of Idaho, and have been informed of that fact many times over these past few weeks. Ever since the CWI commercial I’m in started showing up on the television sets of my professors and friends, I’ve been sassed unrelentingly for my faithless ways. Which like… fair, but I’m an actress, and we’re notorious for being bad about that sort of thing.

The Last Break

One final eight weeks before an end. I cannot remember what a fall day looks like without class, but for scant breaks and busy weekends. There is a change coming. This is just the way it goes.

Yet, here we are, the final week-long break before any diploma grabbing.

Thank the lord.

It has been busy. Really busy. The amount of water in the jug on my back has gone oceanic.

These challenges are customary now. The mindset which accompanies such presumption comes from an optimistic place though. Change means seeing things differently and seeing different things.

We're An Irrational Bunch

Hi. It’s been a while. Sorry, I’ve been a bit neglectful of you guys. I have a confession though: I’m a Boonie. What a shocker that one is, right? Some people in this world get their jollies by pushing numbers around, and I guess I’m becoming one of the jolliest. Maybe there’s not glamour, I don’t know, but the future’s shiny to me. We won’t be lawyers, and heck, most of us on the ground floor of Boone won’t be going to med school. We get the research/engineering path.

Penultimate Professor Pronunciations (aka Quotes from Professors)

"Drumroll please...." Quotes from Professors is back!! Here's what the C of I professors have been talking about in class lately:

They are elaborating on their class rules:

“I don’t care if you’re Hemingway, I want what I want.” – LiCalzi

“For this piece, sound angry and like Arnold Schwarzenegger and we’ll be alright.” – Dr. Wells

“Take 30 seconds, free swim with the Italian.” – Dr. Wells

“This class is part paper-writing workshop, part group therapy.” – Dayley

What’s in a Word but Time and Coffee?

Some jerk said that you have to spend 10,000 hours doing something before you are truly a master at it. Thankfully that means I am a master of sitting, sleeping, being awake, listening to ABBA, and potentially even thinking. The last is to be debated. Yet, there is a particular mastery that I crave too deeply. The metrics are not entirely applicable, but still the hours linger when I start to think about my progress towards the dream goal:

Voorheesian Ramblings

Excuse me a moment. I feel the need to indulge. Voorhees is my home again and I want to express what that is like.