Community learning: Egyptology

Archaeology & Egyptology – The Tomb of King Tutankhamun

Thursday, April 20, 6-8 pm, Boone Hall Room 132

Come explore the mysteries and mystique behind the most famous Tomb in history, KV 62, the tomb of King Tutankhamun with Jan Summers Duffy.

Jan Summers Duffy is Curator of Archaeology at the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History. She is listed in the College of Idaho's Experts Guide, for Archaeology and Egyptology. She has worked in the US and Egypt at several important sites including in 2006 as site supervisor at the Mendes site project in Egypt excavating burials with Penn State University and Prof. Donald Redford. Afterwards, she was part of the KV63 team, with planned investigations of a newly discovered tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Since then she has worked in Egypt on tombs of the 25-26th Dynasty, including a recent investigation of a tomb in the Valley of Kings with the University of La Laguna, Spain.

Participants will learn about archaeological excavation in Egypt since early 18th and 19th centuries and how the tomb was discovered by Howard Carter.  Find out how the tomb has impacted the world since 1922 in archaeology, art, history and the newest theory. Don't be left in the dust, come and find out from someone who has excavated several tombs in Egypt and be the first to know the mystery behind King Tut’s Tomb!

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