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Developing Managerial Effectiveness

Developing Managerial Effectiveness (DME) has a practical, action-oriented approach to learning. Sessions are developed around the use of the business simulation, discussions, and exercises. Since participants bring a great deal of expertise, talent, and experience to the program, they are encouraged to share their expertise with others through discussion and networking. The design of the program is for the new or experienced manager who needs to develop a broader-based understanding of the different business functions and how they work together.

You can learn more about our topics and our faculty for the event, which runs from May 6, 2018, to May 11.  Click here to see a schedule of sessions for the event.

Who Should Attend?

  • Functional Department Managers
    (Accounting, HR, Marketing, etc.)
  • Banking Leaders and Emerging Leaders
  • Engineering and other Technical Managers
  • Production and Operations Managers
  • City, State and Government Employees

The DME Will Help You:

  1. Understand how the various organizational functions are interrelated. The days of "functional silos" are gone; the effective organization has flexible people who can understand both their own specialization as well as how it affects other areas to create a competitive organization.
  2. Grasp the critical changes affecting the business environment today. Change, re-engineering, customer-focus, quality and organizational learning are among the key realities in today's business environment.
  3. Practice business decision making. The business simulation provides a unique opportunity to function as the "executive team" of a simulated organization.
  4. Examine your own management and leadership strategies. You will have the opportunity (through the Management/Leadership Practices Inventory) to get to know more about yourself in relation to those you work with and develop a strategy for making the most of your strengths.
  5. Network with other participants and faculty. One of the richest aspects of the program is the chance to interact with other business professionals from a variety of organizations and to learn about each other - and from each other.


Learning Environment: Sun Valley Resort

The Sun Valley Lodge is one of Idaho's leading resorts. Each participant will have a private room with complete in-room amenities. The resort features a health center with a hot tub/sauna. All living & meeting facilities are accessible to the disabled. Outdoors you will have a wide array of activities such as golf, biking, hiking, and ice-skating and, for relaxation, you can visit the spa. In addition, participants can arrive early or stay after the program to enjoy the resort.