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Managerial Effectiveness Faculty

Wesley E. Donahue, Ph.D.

Dr. Donahue is an entrepreneur with a unique blend of corporate and academic experience. For the first part of his career, he was the manager of corporate technical development for a Fortune 200 company and was responsible for leading corporate innovation efforts. Subsequently he co-founded three corporations: a plastics manufacturing company and provider of specialized technical services, a retail firm, and an online training company. Dr. Donahue is also an associate professor with a Big Ten university specializing in organization development and change. He earned a BS in Engineering, an M.B.A., and a Ph.D. In addition, he is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Six-Sigma Black Belt.

Harry White, Ph.D.

Professor, Boise State University

Dr. White is a Professor of Finance at Boise State University. His teaching and research interests include the fields of corporate finance and investment management. His specializations include financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, project analysis, cost of capital, investment portfolio construction and performance, and mutual fund evaluation. A teaching award winner at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. White has taught executive education programs for numerous local companies including Albertsons, Motive Power, and the J. R. Simplot Company. His research has been published extensively, including articles in Financial Management, The Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Engineering Economist, and the Journal of Multinational Financial Management.

Harry Chambers

President, Trinity Solutions

Mr. Chambers brings 30+ years of practical business experience and has trained, facilitated and consulted with Georgia College, Radford University, James Madison University, AT&T, Pratt and Whitney, Lucent Technologies and many others. His books are published internationally with translations in four languages and include Getting Promoted: Real Strategies for Advancing Your CareerThe Bad Attitude Survival Guide: Essential Tools for Managers, and NO Fear Management: Rebuilding Trust, Performance and Commitment in the New American Workplace.

Marilyn Melchiorre, EdD.

Professor, The College of Idaho

Dr. Melchiorre has over 20 years of professional experience in business management, sales, marketing and advertising. This includes working with an advertising agency. Other marketing experience includes serving as media buyer and formulating marketing strategies. She joined The College of Idaho in 2010 as a marketing professor. She currently serves as Chair for the Business & Accounting Department. Her areas of expertise include international business, social media marketing, consumer behavior and marketing communication. Marilyn holds an MBA from Missouri State and a Doctorate from the University of Missouri.

John Danielson, M.Ed.

Instructor, The College of Idaho

John is a fourth generation Idahoan, raised in Cambridge, Idaho. Growing up, John worked in the family general store and John Deere dealership owned and operated by his father and grandfather, and on the ranch owned by his mother's family. After graduating from The College of Idaho with a degree in Business Administration, John began a 23-year career with Albertsons, Inc. Ready for a new challenge, he became an independent business consultant in 1998. In 2005, he took on the assignment of planning a winery for an enthusiastic group of wine lovers. This assignment led to an ownership position in Vale Wine Company, a producer of premium Snake River Valley Wines. John holds an M Ed. from the University of Idaho and a BA from The College of Idaho.

Paul Knudstrup, M.A.

President, Midwest Consulting Group, Inc.

Prior to establishing M.C.G. in 1990, Paul was executive director of the Fetzer Business Development Center and the Business Research and Services Institute at Western Michigan University. He has been involved in the training and development field for more than 35 years. In addition to his work at Boise State, Paul has worked with George Washington University, Penn State University, San Diego State University and Southern Methodist University.

Mark D. Threeton, Ph.D.

Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Threeton is a faculty member within the Workforce Education and Development Program at Pennsylvania State University. He consults, teaches and conducts research in the areas of Ethics, Health, Safety and Wellness within educational environments as well as the broader workforce to promote enhanced learning and skill development. His research has been published widely in scholarly research journals and books. He holds extensive credentials across education, training, and evaluation. He holds a B.S. in Technical Education from Pittsburg State University, an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Kansas State University and a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Workforce Education and Development.

Doug Krug, S.U.S.

Doug served as part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University for 15 years. He also served as part of Executive Development Programs throughout the federal government. This includes IRS, FBI, DEA, Veterans Affairs, Center for Disease Control, Secret Service, Office of Personnel Management, NASA, Department of Interior and Department of Labor. For the last 20 years Doug has been designing and implementing effective national health AND care improvement initiatives. The essence of this transformation-in- thinking work is built around the premise that if we did not cause so much resistance to begin with, we would not have to work so hard to overcome it. Another core belief is that all the answers ever needed to create any outcomes we desire are already available in the people doing the work.