Cottus leiopomus Gilbert & Evermann, 1894: Wood River sculpin

Biological Description

Body cottoid in shape; lateral line incomplete; prickles absent. Head moderately large, broad, and oval in shape; preopercular spines absent; palatine teeth absent or poorly developed. Dorsal fin with 7 spines and 18 or 19 rays; pelvic fins with one spine and 4 rays; anal fin with 12 or 13 rays. Color graish olive and mottled with dark brown or black.

Life History

Reproductive details and longevity are unknown.

Geographic Distribution

The Wood River sculpin is endemic to the Wood River system in Idaho.

Habits and Habitats

Habitat requirements are unknown.


Diet is unknown.

Idaho Conservation Status

This species has been placed in the "special concern" category.

 Idaho Native or Import



This sculpin faces an uncertain future. Continued land development, water diversion, and poor land management practices result in degraded water quality and aquatic habitat are the immediate threats to this species.


Simpson and Wallace 1982. Image Copyright Joseph Tomelleri. Used by permission.