• Egyptologist looks and examines falcon mummy for conservation

Archaeology and Egyptology are alive and well in Idaho! It thrives at the OJSMNH with Curator Jan Summers Duffy and students.

The Archaeology collections of Native American lithic tools and other valued items are important in helping get a vision of what local people lived and worked at.  These include the Huntley collection donated by James Huntley of his research in the Owyhees and other areas. 

The Museum's Archaeologist also works in Egypt on many important sites including in the Nile Delta at Mendes, City of the Ram God (article in Ancient America magazine) 2014,  The famous Valley of the Kings, Asasif Conservation Project, of 3 tombs, TT223, as well as other sites. 

Jan Summers Duffy researches and studies KV 62 the most famous tomb ever discovered, that of the young Pharaph Tutankhamun.   Having been inside the tomb several times, she  gives talks, tours and meets with anyone interested in ancient Egypt.  She publishes in Ancient Egypt Magazine, UK with articles entitled, A Pillow for His Head, the Headrests from the Tomb,  Adornment in Ancient Egypt, Artifacts of Stone, Ecavating Egypt, etc.  She has been invited to join a team to Egypt to continue work on a well known tomb project.  The tomb is TT209 in The Valley of the Kings Asasif area with the well known Spanish team from La Laguna University, Canary Island Spain.  Jan previously worked with the Assistant Director at a site in KV in 2010.  Besides being an Archaeologist for the Project, Jan will write and translate into English many of the documents for the Supreme Council of Antiquities (now the MSA) in Egypt. Any archeological work in Egypt  requires all professional projects to submit information in English at present.

See Jan Summers' 2012 Idaho Archaeology Month presentation