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About Dr. Noelle Conforti Preszler



Mathematics Education  

Personal Statement

As a mathematics educator, I have the pleasure of working with future teachers as they learn best practices in the the teaching and learning of mathematics. It’s not uncommon to hear people express their dislike of mathematics, but mathematics education is an exciting field that is actively evolving as we learn more and more that students should be actively doing mathematics in the classroom, rather than passively listening to teachers talk about it. Students should be trying ideas, talking to others about those ideas, and learning to justify why mathematical ideas make sense.

My research interests center around the psychological experiences that future teachers have in the math courses they take as they learn to teach mathematics. In particular, my research has shown that future teachers benefit from learning as students in an environment similar to the one in which they will teach — one that emphasizes reasoning, sense making, communication, and justification. K-12 teachers are now expected to help their students do much more than memorize formulas or crank out answers to problems. Future teachers need to be prepared to elicit student ideas, facilitate discussions in math class, create meaningful tasks, and so much more!

In my classes (whether you’re a future teach or not), you will learn to bring out your own mathematical reasoning abilities by justifying what you know, discussing and making sense of ideas with others, and truly engaging in mathematical reasoning. If you’re in one of my classes for future teachers, you’ll also learn how students think about mathematics and how to make your students’ voices the center of your mathematics classroom.


Professional Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor, The College of Idaho (2017 - present)

Assistant Professor, James Madison University (2015-2017)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University (2014-2015)

Pre-doctoral Teaching and Research Associate, University of Washington College of Education (2010-2014)


  • PhD, Mathematics Education, University of Washington
  • MS, Mathematics, University of Utah
  • BS, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Puget Sound