Make a Payment

Need to make a payment for tuition, meal plan, class fee, or other item? It’s simple.

Log into your Self-Service account ( and under the Student Finance menu, select the Make Payment link.

Screenshot of Touchnet

You will be taken to a Make a Payment landing page with valuable information about ensuring you are on a secure website.

There you can click the Student Account Suite button to go to the actual website.

Within Student Account Suite, in addition to viewing outstanding balances and making payments, you can also create “authorized users”.

Authorized Users

While you are in the

Student Account Suite (TouchNet), you may setup your parents or guardians as Authorized Users to make payments on your student account. For detailed directions you may also view this PDF.

  1. On the top menu bar, click the Authorized Users button.
  2. Add the person's email address you would like to give access to your account to make payments for you.
  3. You can also change the setting for whether this person can view your payment history and account activity if you wish.
    1. If you select "Yes" to the authorization question, the new user will be able to see both the payment history and account activity.
    2. If you select "No" to authorization, the new user will only be able to see the current balance.
  4. Click the Continue button at the bottom.
  5. Send your authorized person to and ask them to login using the appropriately marked box.

If you have additional questions, please direct questions to the Student Accounts Receivable Representative at (208) 459-5206, or the Business Office at (208) 459-5308.