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C of I, Bon Appétit set for Low Carbon Diet Day

April 13, 2012

The College of Idaho and its food service management company, Bon Appétit, are set to celebrate sustainability and show diners how to decrease their carbon “foodprint” through the fifth annual Low Carbon Diet Day on April 19. Guests to Simplot Dining Hall will be treated to a special menu featuring freshly-prepared, environmentally-friendly foods. Lunch will be served from 10:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The cost is $7 per person for all-you-can-eat.

“Most people are aware these days of what a healthy choice is for them,” said Tim Reinbold, a chef at the C of I. “With Low Carbon Diet Day, we’re proud to show diners how their food choices can also be healthier for our planet.”

The food system is responsible for one-third of global greenhouse emissions. Foods served on Low Carbon Diet Day will decrease that negative impact as well as help illustrate Bon Appétit’s “Top 5 Low Carbon Diet Tips”:

  1. You Bought It, You Eat It – Don’t Waste Food: Not only does wasted food represent wasted energy from growing, harvesting, and producing it, but food in landfills emits methane gas as it breaks down. Proper portions are key, so Cornish pasties with turkey, local root vegetables and spring onions will be served.

  2. Make “Seasonal and Regional” Your Food Mantra: Regionally procured food is less likely to have been air-freighted to get to you, and usually tastes better because it’s fresher – taste the first of Idaho’s spring crops in the salad bar and see!

  3. Mooove Away From Beef and Cheese: Cows and other ruminant animals emit harmful methane gas during their natural digestive process, so we’ve told beef burgers to hoof it and will be grilling Thai chili pork burgers or farro and northwest lentil burgers instead.

  4. Stop Flying Fish and Fruit – Don’t Buy Air-Freighted Food: Seafood that was frozen-at-sea and locally procured fruit are best choices. Diners can enjoy curried Idaho sturgeon or the Idaho catfish po’boy sandwich.

  5. If It’s Processed and Packaged, Skip It: Processing and packaging consume huge amounts of energy and water. Chefs are eliminating processed snacks from one station, instead serving house cut potato chips and French fries.

For more information about Bon Appétit Management Company and its sustainable food initiatives, visit

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