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Physician Assistant Studies

The College of Idaho offers a Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program in partnership with Idaho State University. The two-year program draws upon The College of Idaho’s long-standing excellence in the health sciences and ISU’s leadership in health professions to prepare students for success in one of the nation’s fastest growing occupations.

PA students at The College of Idaho have the benefit of working closely with on-site faculty during hands-on practice and simulations, as well as the breadth of knowledge available from faculty based at ISU’s PA programs in Pocatello and Meridian. Full-time faculty based in each location facilitate a high level of interactive and hands-on learning. During their second year in the program, PA students undertake a series of clinical rotations in appropriate medical contexts, with guidance from faculty and clinical preceptors. 

What are Physician Assistants?

Physician Assistants (PAs) are highly skilled health practitioners who work under physician supervision to provide patient care services. PAs take complete medical histories, perform physical examinations, order and interpret diagnostic studies, such as laboratory tests and x-rays, diagnose and treat patients. Physician Assistants improve the accessibility of health care of underserved individuals in both urban and rural settings. The joint Physician Assistant program at Idaho State University and The College of Idaho is the only PA program in the state of Idaho.

Admission to the PA Program

Admissions to the joint PA program is handled jointly by C of I and ISU. Undergraduate programs available at The College of Idaho that can prepare students for admission to a PA program include biology, chemistry and health sciences. For more information about the current ISU PA program visit