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Art History Minor

Major or Minor?

Courses and Requirements

16 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Minor Requirements

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ART-239Ancient to Medieval3 credits
ART-240Renaissance to Modern3 credits
ART-494Independent Study1-3 credits

ART-494 Independent Study minors must expand a paper they have written for one of their upper-division art courses. These "starred papers" will be graded on a pass/fail basis by the faculty member who originally supervised the project and should constitute a polished piece of work that serves as the student's highest achievements in the minor.

Upper-Division Art History Courses

Complete 9 credits from the following:

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ART-324Picasso and 20th Century Art3 credits
ART-325Art of the Romantic Era3 credits
ART-326Rembrandt and 17th Century Dutch Art3 credits
ART-341Modern Art: 1850-19403 credits
ART-342Modern Art After 19403 credits
ART-351Auguste Rodin and Modern Sculpture3 credits
ART-355Medieval Art History3 credits
ART-356History, Literature, and Art of the Italian Renaissance3 credits
HIS-367The History of Jewish Art3 credits

Courses rich in artistic content, offered by other departments, may also count towards the nine upper-level units. Such courses can be found in the departments of Anthropology & Sociology (for example Anthropology and Art); History (especially those dealing with Ancient Greece, Rome, Medieval and modern Europe); Psychology (particularly those dealing with the cinema) and Interdisciplinary courses such as London: Art, Architecture and Literature. As new courses continue to be developed, it is possible that suitable options may become available in departments other than those listed above. Students who wish to take advantage of this broader range of options should read the catalog description carefully and check with both the course instructor and Art Department faculty to confirm that the course is suitable for the Art History minor. In some cases a supplementary research project relating specifically to the visual arts covered by the course in question may be required. An Academic Adjustment Form should be submitted to the Registrar's Office for any substitutions.

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