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Physics Minor

Major or Minor?

Courses and Requirements

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19 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)


Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
MAT-175 Single Variable Calculus 4 credits
MAT-275 Multivariable Calculus 4 credits
MAT-352 Differential Equations 3 credits


Minor Requirements

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
PHY-271 Analytical Physics I 4 credits
PHY-271L Analytical Physics I Lab 1 credits
PHY-272 Analytical Physics II 4 credits
PHY-272L Analytical Physics II Lab 1 credits


Complete 9 credits from the following:

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
PHY- Physics-Upper-Division (300-or-400-level) Courses 6 credits
PHY - Physics Coursework - any level 3 credits


Completing this minor and 1 additional credit in physics satisfies the state requirements for the secondary education second-teaching field in physics.


Mathematics-Physics Majors may not minor in Physics or Physical Science.


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