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Political Economy Internships


The purpose of internships is for students to learn politics and economics from real world experiences. The internship should compliment, not replace, in-class course work. The student should use the internship to compare in-class studies with out of class experiences.


  1. Political Economy/International Political Economy Majors and Minors:     
    • Completion of the departmental core requirements
    • Junior or Senior standing.
  2. Students outside of the department (non-majors and minors)     
    • Junior or Senior standing
    • Adequate background courses related to the internship (Approval by department chair)

Program Requirements

The necessary requirements for the internship are listed below:

  1. Initial Paper - Before the internship begins, the student will write a short paper that describes his or her expectations for the internship. The paper should include all thoughts and expectations. The paper should tie together expectations of the internship to completed course work especially political philosophy, theories and models and courses related to the subject matter of the internship.
  2. Journal - The student will keep a daily journal on their activities during the internship. The journal should include any impressions and thoughts on these activities. The student should concentrate on items that were different than expectations and contrary to knowledge gained during in-class course work. The journal should be submitted to the instructor on a weekly basis during the internship.
  3. Final Paper - After the completion of the work for the internship but before the final grade is given; the student should write a final paper that compares their experience during the internship with their expectations. What was learned during the internship? How were the student’s expectations different from his or her actual experience? Be specific. Also, the student should note the differences between in-class learning and the internship.

Credit Requirements

Based upon the number of credits to be awarded for the internship, students will need to perform the following requirements:

  1. One Credit - The student will be required to work at least 45 hours at the internship location.
  2. Two Credits - The student will be required to work at least 90 hours at the internship location.
  3. Three Credits - The student will be required to work at least 135 hours at the internship.

(In order to receive academic credit for the internship, the student must be enrolled in POE 497)


Grading for the internship will be done by the assigned instructor from the department. Before grading, a letter from the intern sponsor should be sent to the instructor with general comments on the student’s performance and verification of the number of hours worked by the student.

The instructor should try to visit the intern site and sponsor during the course of the internship, if possible.