Conference Schedule

time Session Session Session
10:30 - 11:30 Registration - Langroise Foyer
12:00 Opening Remarks: College President Charlotte Borst - Boone 103
  Oral Paper Session 1 Boone 103; Kara Sage, Moderator   Oral Paper Session 2 Boone 101; Mee-Ae Kim, Moderator   Oral Paper Session 3 Boone 124; Anna Himler, Moderator
time Student(s) Title time Student(s) Title time Student(s) Title
12:15 Mary M. Brown The Effect of Electronic Liquids (E-liquids) on Human MG-63 Osteoblast-like Cells 12:15 Darrell Falconburg Church versus Age: Catholic World Magazine & the Revolt Against Modern Thought 12:15 Quincy Conley, Briana Krebs, Eleanor Tansley Shooter Bias Quantified: How race influences behavior
12:30 Maryam Karim Student Perceptions of the Ethics Behind Cognitive Enhancement Drugs 12:30 Kellianne McAdoo Creating the Home: Gender Roles and Expectations of the Anglo-Catholic Hawaiian Mission 12:30 Sarah Walsh Use of genetic data to evaluate movement of Columbia River redband trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri, in Dry Creek, Idaho
12:45 Patrick Mallory Attitudes Towards Autism Spectrum Disorder 12:45 Joao Barros Yo-Pro Fluorenscence: A New Method To Understand Purinergic Signalling in GL261 Cells 12:45 Lucas Morse The Patton Report and Conflict Narratives: Delegitimizing Violence and Marginalization in Northern Ireland
      1:00 Alexandria Flemmer-Hudson The Arabs Awakened: Nasser's Opposition to the Baghdad Pact 1:00 Karol Schill How to Increase Parent Participation and Enjoyment With Literacy Support At Home for First Grade Students
1:15 10 minute break
  Oral Paper Session 4 Boone 103; Jim Dull, Moderator   Oral Paper Session 5 Boone 101; Luke Daniels, Moderator   Oral Paper Session 6 Boone 124; Cara Laney, Moderator
time Student(s) Title time Student(s) Title time Student(s) Title
1:30 Matthew McCauley The Forgotten Macedonian Arms and Armor 1:30 Matthew Goodwin Pleiotropic roles of Ca+2/calmodulin-dependent pathways in regulating cadmium-induced toxicity in human osteoblast-like cell lines 1:30 Inga Lam The Effects of Assimilation on the Cross Race Effect
1:45 Lacey Wayment Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of N,N1-diarylurea Complexes as Next-generation Inhibitors of The Bacterial Enzyme MTN 1:45 Anya Yearwood Statehood, Religion and Politics: The Ultra-Orthodox Opposition to the Israeli Defence Forces 1:45 Sarah Litman The Spirit on the Fringes: Marginalized Religious Organizations and the Pursuit of Effervescence
2:00 Clay Mathews "A Book Broiled in Hellfire": Herman Melville's Moby-Dick and its critique on 19th Century Arminianism and Transcendentalism 2:00 Amanda (Annie) Canfield Using Folktales to Empower Students 2:00 Colton Sweesy A Further Look at the Utilitarian Hypothesis and the Cross Race Effect
2:15 10 minute break
2:30 - 3:30 Music Performance 2:30-4:00 Theatre Showcase
Breana Koch, Stage Manager
time Student(s) Title time Student(s) Title
2:30 Ana Lete Original songs by Ana Lete: An inside look at her songwriting process and influences 2:30 Order of Performance: Tirso Garcia, Haley Ganatos, Eli Nary, Kait Newberry, Taylor Sanchez
2:45 João Barros Brazilian Folk Song Through the Perspective of a 20th Century Composer  
3:00 Ashton Jenicek Performance of Original Silent Movie Score to Un Chien Andalou 3:15 Intermission
3:30 10 minute break  
3:45-445 Senior Art Show Rosenthal Gallery            
  Marisol Cervantes, Kathryn Higgins, Samantha Mardock, Kirby Roberts, Rachel Wyman, Blaze Gamboa, Hana Hoang, Morgan Mesias, and Talon Sudbeck            
4:30-6:00 Poster and Display Sessions Langroise Foyer            
  # Poster and Display Group A - 4:30-5:15 # Poster and Display Group B - 5:15-6:00
4:30-5:15 Group A   1 Emilee Chapman The Symmetries of Things 2 Sophie Nosworthy, Erika Sheibe Diversity of plankton communities in mangrove and reef habitats near Tobacco Caye, Belize
5:15-6:00 Group B   3 Johanna Mori Molecular Line Observations of Galactic Mid-Infrared Bubble Rims 4 Sophie Nosworthy Development of in vitro protocols to assess the effects of sagebrush polyphenols on drug metabolism
  5 Courtney Rhoades Body Modifications and Self-Esteem 6 Aliza Monique Auces Chemotactic responses in GL261 cells: Developing a novel cell motility assay using low-melting point agarose.
  7 Maran O'Meara Interactive Read-Alouds and Student Perceptions About Reading 8 Miranda Tang Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Diarylurea Complexes and Next-generation Inhibitors of Bacterial MTN
  9 Shayan Shokrgozar Environmental Circumstances and Decision Making 10 Jennifer Hines, Tabor Hoxsey, Kassandra Townsend Do Travertine Springs Limit the Distribution of an Invasive Mollusk in Eastern Idaho?
  11 Isabel Palmer, Chloè Brewer, Shayan Shokrgozar The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Behavior 12 Sarah Walsh Predation Interaction and Habitat Constraints Contributing to Declining Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri, Populations
  13 Chloè Brewer Positive and Negative Relations between Popular Social Media Use, State Self-Esteem, and Satisfaction with Life in College Students 14 Sarah Walsh, Stephanie Torres Comparisons of Inter-tidal and Sub-tidal Epibiont Communities on Red Mangrove Prop Roots Near Tobacco Caye, Belize
  15 Kylie Porter, Holly Moss Distribution of banded butterflyfish (Chaetodon striatus), foureye butterflyfish (C. capistratus), and spotfin butterflyfish (C. ocellatus) in fore-reef and patch reef habitats along the Belizean Barrier Reef 16 Hana Hoang, Deborah Connerwyman Using dietary preferences of wildlife to discover bioactive polyphenols in plants
  17 Samuel Chandler An Exploration of Knot Groups Using the GAP Programming Language 18 Elise Roeser Is Parenting Style Linked to Criminal Intent in College Students?
  19 Briana Krebs, Rachel Grove A New Approach to Flashcards: How perceived usefulness, satisfaction, and medium influence memory recall 20 Jenessa Bushman, Marcella Fremgen Sagebrush Effects on Drug Metabolism by Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
  21 Briana Krebs, Heather Augustine, Sydney Radcliffe Finger Length and Behavior: The Relationship Between 2D:4D Ratio and Aggression 22 Brandon Smith Tissue Specific Expression of Metallothionein in Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus)
  23 Heather Augustine Religion, Gender, and Self-Esteem 24 McKayla Luper Emotion and False Memory
  25 Jacob Eldredge Mapping Radio Regions for Emergency Communication in Idaho 26 Anita Daniel Second-Graders' Perceptions of People from Cultural Backgrounds Other than Their Own
  27 Jacob Eldredge, Diandra Robison Personality and Problem Solving 28 Jazmin Orozco, Kendyl Hamilton Modern versus old school learning: Recall and satisfaction with paper and electronic flashcards and relations to personality
  29 Jacob Karn The Motzkin Category 30 Nicole Kattner Agricultural phosphorous outputs in the Lower Boise River Basin compared to Colorado agricultural phosphorous outputs.
  31 Thomas Candelaria A GIS based evaluation of sediment delivery to the Rio Maranon, Peru 32 Tyler C. Amrhein Determing land-use impacts on the spatial distribution of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) habitat using ArcGIS
  33 Shandee Tachick, Celeste McLain Sergeant major, Abudefduf saxatilis, abundance and feeding behavior during tidal cycles in Tobacco Caye channel, Belize 34 Sean Kunkler Self- Awareness and Cognitive Invulnerabilities
  35 Rok Holmes, Daisy Ambriz Chemical taxonomy of the sagebrush Artemisia arbuscula 36 Kanessa Uta Phone Usage by College Students
  37 Adrianna Irene Lambregts, Anna Chase Sabellastarte Worm Population Distribution in Tobacco Caye, Belize: Assessment of Two Possible Contributing Factors 38 Alexandra Kroes The Effects of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Ovarian Steroid Hormone Synthesis
  39 Nilofar Abdul Shukur Attachment Styles in Relationships: The Impact of Parent-Child Attachment on Romantic Relationships 40 Mckayla Stevens Phylogenetic Analysis Increases Resolution of Evolutionary Relationships in Lomatium
  41 Jacob Segali Sports, Religion, and Self-Esteem 42 Colton Grainger Applications of Galois Theory
  43 Cassandra Rice, Cortni Pena Visual imagery and Eyewitnessing 44 Matthew Goodwin Native pollinator visitation rate and community composition on two Idaho perenials: Helianthus annuus and Ericameria nauseosa
  45 Hermione Yu, Marcella Fremgen, Jennifer Forbey Effects of Sagebrush Polyphenols on Efflux Transport 46 Dylan Walker Exploring Plant Species Richness and Diversity in Riparian and Upland Habitats in Southwestern Idaho
  47 Katie Williams A Critically Multicultural Classroom 48 Chelsea Walther Photometry of Eclipsing Binary Systems
  49 Hunter Tipton Parasocial Relationship Formation and Socially Anxious Behavior 50 Brandon Nguyen Effects of Medical Advancements on Mortality Rates in Humans (Homo sapiens) in Early and Intermediate Ages of Life Between Pre-1940 and Post-1970 in Caldwell, Idaho
  51 Andrew Peterson, Brady Winfield, Joel Martin The Effects of Short Term Creatine Supplementation on Muscle Morphology and Resting Metabolic Rate 52 Brandon Nguyen Response of Phase I and Phase II Detoxification Enzymes to Mercury and Dimethoate in Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus)
  53 Vanessa Almaraz False Confessions and a Just World 54 Jill Ayabei Conscious Change: an ELL Teacher's Journey to Best Educate Language Learners in the American Classroom, a Self-Study
  55 Beth Harju The Process of Implementing Practices That Improve Reading Abilities and Perceptions of  English Language Learner, Special Education Students 56 Ruth Lewinski Environmental Indicators From the Idaho Backcountry
  57 Sydney Woods Subjective and Objective Measures of Physical Activity Levels in The College of Idaho Students 58 Morgan Clifford, Kira Hughes, Madison Ingraham Richness and Abundance of Marine Species Before and After Seagrass Disturbance off the West Coast of Tobacco Caye in Belize
  59 Morgan Hill Facial Recognition, Guilt, and Shame in college students. 60 Steven J. Lysne, Tabor Hoxsey The Idaho Freshwater mollusk project: Partnering with Agencies and Individuals to Increase Our Understanding of a Cryptic Fauna
  61 Reanna Vanacore Attractiveness and Perceived Success 62 Kait Newberry The Lighting Design of The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
  63 Maurice Clements College of Idaho Student Caffeine Consumer Behavior 64 Jeanette Ayala, Emily Goetsch Size and Distribution of Common Sea Fan (Gorgonia ventalina) on the Tobacco Caye Fore Reef, (Belize)
  65 Sabrina Godina, Kristin Guerrero Is amount of time spent on social media related to satisfaction of relationships?  
6:00-6:30 Reception - Langroise Foyer
6:15 Raffle/Prize ceremony