Fly-in Reimbursement

A campus visit is the best way to get to know The College of Idaho, and our fly-in reimbursement program makes it easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Fly-in reimbursement is available to all prospective students who live beyond a 5-hour drive to the campus.
  2. The College will reimburse the cost of half of your plane ticket up to $150.
  3. If you choose to attend the C of I the following year, we will reimburse the second half of your plane ticket up to $150.
  4. This program does not cover the cost of fuel, cars or anything with personal mileage, but the College will cover any public transportation such as commercial buses, trains or planes.

For more information about fly-in reimbursement, contact our Visit Center at 800-2C-IDAHO, 208-459-5020 or