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The Adventures of Bigfoot and Steve

Let’s talk about the frayed fabric of time and space for a minute, readers.

From One Nest to Another

Here we are again: next verse, same as the first, except that this verse feels more like a bridge leading to an epic guitar solo that dives into the chorus that everyone sings along with even if they can't decide on the right key. Tomorrow is move-in day for my final year at the College of Idaho, and it's finally time for this Retail Robin to pick up all his twigs and leaves and fly them over to Caldwell for one extremely final time.

Hello From the Far Side of August

Greetings, and welcome to my third and final year of blogging. This is normally the time I’d re-introduce myself and give you a rundown of my involvement with the College, but this year will be a little different. Namely because I won’t be going back to College of Idaho. 

For a semester, that is. 

Fix, Nein, Stay.

My summer was so inanely boring that I will refrain from boring you with the details of the last three months. Long story short: it was hot, I cried over TV shows a lot, and my mom still expects me to make my bed. That’s it. That’s all that happened. But, with school T-Minus two weeks from starting, I decided to make my prodigal return. Like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Twinkies, it was time for my comeback tour.

That Freshmen Feeling

This summer my little sister graduated from high school. Like most seniors, she was ready to get out of there, practically skipped across the stage to receive her diploma, and then spent the next two weeks celebrating her newfound freedom with the rest of her friends. It was exciting to watch, and it brought back all the same feelings I had had three years ago when I graduated. I was reminded of how exhilarating it had been, knowing that the high school part of my life was over, and that college, a goal I had been working towards my whole life, was on the horizon.

Meeting Maggie

This summer has already gone by so quickly! I can’t believe that it’s almost August, which means school starts again in about a month. It’s crazy!

I’ve mostly been working, which is taking up much of my time. I work at a ski resort in Park City, and it’s awesome. And yes, I know there is no snow in the summer, but they have cool summer activities like an alpine slide and a zip line. It’s a great summer job because I get to be outside all day in the mountains I love and miss while in Caldwell.

Unlocking The Unknown

Each and every day I learn that things fall into place. After a few setbacks with implementing my project in Rwanda, I spent each and every day looking to see who I could contact for help. Some days are better than others but for the first time, I understood what it meant not to quit. I certainly wish things were easier; I wish we could all have a dream and live it the next day exactly how we want it to play out. Often times, this is not the case but it is not a reason to give up on what we believe in and what we wish to achieve.

Figuring out the hows

It is a strange feeling writing something to sum up my college experience. A part of it, most likely, is because I am now in India, rather then Idaho. A lot of people here ask me the expected "Why would I leave America?" A lot of friends in Idaho asked me the same.

Every Bit Counts

Left with only two days before I leave Caldwell, I have been working on implementing my project and although it requires tremendous sacrifice and effort, I was aware at some point that the only way to make it a reality is to put even more extra effort in it than I previously had. At the end of the day, it had become so much more rewarding just simply knowing that I put more work into it even if I don't get a single response from organizations or individuals I have been contacting.

Defying the one passion rule

Sophomore year is gone! It all happened so quickly. I remember my excitement moving into a house from the dorms like it was yesterday and now packing things away for the summer just won't end. 

Looking back, this was an incredibly amazing year. I couldn't be more proud to be a Yotie. The newsletter is just testament of what a good year it was, whether it was reporting about the institution itself, about students or faculty members.