Room and Board Prices

The College of Idaho offers on-campus housing to all full-time students under 26 years old. Part-time students and students over 26 may live on campus as appropriate space permits. All eligible students in their first six semesters are required to live in campus housing.

Room Rental (2017-2018 Annual Rates)

Double (Room Designed for two occupants)/Closet Singles (single under 100 square feet)

Hayman Hall, Simplot Hall, & Voorhees Hall: $4,460

Anderson Hall: $3,340

Design Single (Single designed for one occupant)

Hayman Hall, Finney Hall, & Simplot Hall: $5,440

Anderson Hall: $4,640

Village Room

Village Quad: $5,500

Village Double: $5,860

Residence Hall and Village residents are charged an additional $60 per year to fund programming, amenities such as ping-pong tables and water bottle refill stations, and to pay for repair and deep cleaning to furniture.

rental house

Single Room: $3,825

This rate includes water, sewer, garbage, electricity, & gas; this rate does not include internet, furnishings, or a washer/dryer in the house. House residents may use washer/dryers in the residence halls with permission of a Residence Life staff member. 

Please see the Business Office cost of attendance page for information on meal plans.