& Programs

Anthropology / Sociology

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology provides a broad base of knowledge in these two fields, which share a common concern for the social and cultural conditions of human life.


The College of Idaho Art Department fosters creativity and critical thinking through an understanding of the practice and history of the visual arts.


The College of Idaho biology program offers a research-based curriculum taught by faculty who are committed to mentoring and engaging students in the process of science.

Business and Accounting

If you're looking to develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to successfully operate in an international, rapidly changing and technology-driven business world, studying business or accounting at The College of Idaho is the right place for you.


At The College of Idaho Chemistry Department, you will find a combination of rigorous work in the classroom and hands-on experience in the laboratory and will learn from professors who are committed to preparing their students for success in a wide variety of careers.


As a student in The College of Idaho's Department of Education, you will gain a thorough knowledge of educational theory, best teaching practices, and the content you can apply in the classroom. We are committed to improving student learning in K-12 classrooms by preparing you to be an outstanding teacher.


The English Department encourages the study of the historical and cultural contexts of literature and language, the aesthetic pleasures and values of texts and writing, and the variety of voices and experiences represented in the global literary tradition.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program at The College of Idaho offers students an education in the complex relationships among natural systems and human cultures.


You will find history isn't contained simply in the pages of a textbook at The College of Idaho. Our engaging faculty breathe life into the events that have shaped human history, and you will find plenty of opportunities to interact with history first-hand - from visiting historically significant sites overseas to performing in-depth historical research.


The Department of Kinesiology provides opportunities to study the functional science of human movement and gain hands-on experience while enhancing quality of life by linking campus life to positive and healthful living for College of Idaho students.

Mathematics and Physical Sciences

The College of Idaho Mathematics and Physical Sciences Department provides an engaging and pragmatic curriculum that fosters student understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics and physical sciences, and encourages exploration of computational methods and mathematical applications.

Modern Foreign Languages

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages at The College of Idaho helps students develop cross-cultural understanding and linguistic abilities to communicate effectively. By studying language at the C of I, you will learn how to communicate successfully and develop a deeper understanding of cultures in our world.


The Department of Music at The College of Idaho transforms students into scholar-performers, who think critically and creatively, and are prepared for diverse careers.

Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies invites and provokes students to examine themselves and the world in more comprehensive ways, as well as to look at the most fundamental aspects of human reasoning and discourse.

Political Economy

While the study of politics and economics has become separated at many colleges, The College of Idaho recognizes that a good understanding of either discipline really requires a good understanding of both.


At The College of Idaho Psychology Department, you will learn first-hand from outstanding professors with a wide range of expertise, including experimental psychology, child psychology, counseling, cognitive psychology, and biological psychology.

Theatre and Speech Arts

The Theatre and Speech Arts program at The College of Idaho offers numerous opportunities for students to express their creativity and rhetorical skills.