Caldwell’s Finest Dining

You know how much I love the cafeteria.  But sometimes, I just feel like I need to get out of our bubble and have some of my own culinary adventures.  Here are some of the top Caldwell eateries which earn the votes of your C of I peers - based on quality, price, and experience – we approve.

Tacos el Rey – 216 N 5th Ave, Caldwell

Tacos el Rey is the BEST.  Expect to be pleasantly full for $5.00 or less.  Seriously, the most satisfying burrito I have ever eaten.  Katrine Franks states, “They have the best horchata I’ve ever had in my life.  It blew my mind, girl.”  Also, they have the yummiest avocado salsa in the whole world.

Keystone Pizza – 207 South 9th Avenue, Caldwell

“Ghetto Pizza,” as some Yotes call it, has the best cheap pizza in town.  On Wednesdays, you can get a large one-topping for $5.00.  “Think about it, if you go with two other people, and split the pizza, you will be so perfectly full, and only spend a little less than $2.00 each,” says Hillary Bodnar.

Hamburger Connection – 423 South 10th Avenue, Caldwell

Small world… I have a friend from CA, and her mom is from Caldwell, and they visit every summer.  Before I moved here, she told me that I had to go to Hamburger Connection and get a “Mile High Milkshake.”  “They’re amaaaazing,” she would say.  When I finally did try one, I was not disappointed.  My fave is Oreo – awesome.

Golden Palace –  703 Main Street, Caldwell

When you walk into the Golden Palace (not Golden Dragon, which I hear is a little sketchy), there is a beautiful fish tank, full of abnormally large goldfish.  You can choose from a variety of healthy no MSG Chinese food options, including, but not limited to, chicken, rice, and chow mein.  Also, when you go for lunch, you get a free salad

-Melanie Palmer