Wanna Jump into the Jump Creek?

One of the things that I like about spending summer here in Caldwell is that fact that I am answerable to no one, but myself. Normally, this kind of a situation would lead to wild shenanigans and escapades that would rival those fictionalised on the silver screen. However, being a UWC (United World Colleges) alumni, and now studying here at C of I, I have pretty much lived on my own for the last four years. I like to think that I am much more sedate now, and most of my activities are more productive.

Recently, I went to Jump Creek. Now, at least for me, the first thing the word creek brings to mind is a small rivulet of water running through a forest. That could define Jump Creek, but only to an extent. Before I go too far, Jump Creek is a part of a little canyon in Owyhee County. It took me half an hour to drive there, and it is spectacular. What it is exactly is a waterfall that leads to a pool, and then what becomes the eponymous creek. I went there with a few of my college friends, and ended up staying for 5 hours. All of us just sunbathed, went swimming, and had a good time. And the best part, the place was completely empty except for the 5 of us. It is worth a visit if you have the time.


Mouth of the Jump Creek Canyon


Jump Creek Waterfall

Also, if you require additional information, here is a link to the BLM page on Jump Creek, with directions and whatnot.

-Rahul Sharma