Freezing Finals

Finals week is upon us at the College, as are single digit temperatures. The cold is at least conducive to hunkering down, but I’m more inclined to huddle under multiple blankets rather than curl up with my accounting textbook. I also refuse to trek to the library in these temperatures, and am trying to study in my apartment where the refuge of extra clothes and blankets are readily available. The upside to this, aside from keeping a little warmer, is that I won't have to fight for study space. During dead week and finals week, the library gets an influx of students, which translates to fewer available tables and plug-ins.

I’ve got a reasonably full week ahead, with four finals and a couple odd meetings. The tests start tomorrow morning at 8:30, and will go on till next Tuesday for a few unlucky people. I’m done Thursday afternoon, with my Theory and Methods final. On the last few test days in Theory and Methods, our professor has brought Professor Maughan’s dog up from their shared office suite, so I have high hopes for a furry visitor on Thursday to accompany our final.

This week shouldn’t be too terrible, though finals always promise a base level of stress. Last week was probably busier, because I was finishing up work on two big essays in addition to attending regular classes. I did, however, find time to make it to Open Mic Night last Thursday, from which I returned with the raffle prize of a 3.5-foot Santa owl who now graces my patio. He’s a pretty frightening sight at night, as his eyes glow, but I also think he’s a pretty funny addition to the holiday décor. 

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.