Greek Greek Greek

Even though the weather is cold and grey enough to turn everyone at C of I into the most sluggish of reptiles, giving up movement and energy is something no one can afford to do just now.  Though we hit the midpoint mark of the semester a while ago, now is the time that professors are reminding us that there are still half the semester’s points left to earn, and the tests and assignments are piling up to prove it.

In proportion to the large amount of schoolwork everyone has on their plate, the amount of sanctioned distractions is also increasing. Greeks in particular have jam-packed schedules, given that this week is C of I’s “Greek Week.” In essence, each of the seven greek organizations on campus is hosting an event, though some have paired up for bigger events. Greek week events include the Sigma Epsilon and Kappa Sigma’s lawn pong, KKG’s pie walk, Delta Tau Delta’s chicken and waffle lunch, a barbeque hosted by Kappa Alpha Thetas and Sigma Chi, and Gamma Phi Beta’s pancake breakfast.

This week is also special for the KKGs and Delta Tau Deltas, as we are initiating our new member on Saturday.  This Wednesday also happened to mark the 25th anniversary of Zeta Pi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Chapters are school-specific subdivisions of the national fraternity or sorority, so that means that KKG has been a presence on the C of I campus since 1987, even though the national fraternity was established in 1870. We hosted a dessert social for campus in McCain pub, which is what the photo above is from.   (Thanks for taking the picture Deborah.)

 -Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.