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COVID-19/Fall 2020 Updates: The College intends to return to on-campus, in-person instruction for Fall 2020 Read More

Quest Magazine

Quest, The College of Idaho’s award-winning magazine for alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends, is published two times each year. If you have a story or an alumni note to share please contact us.

Click here for an archive of past Quest Magazines.  The current issue can be found here:



Quest Extra

Want a little bit more?  Some articles from Quest Magazine have more information available to the reader, so take a look and learn more about our great community.

A Family Assist - Quest Extra (Fall/Winter 2019, PDF)

The College of Idaho - Challenge Accepted (Spring/Summer 2019, Video)

The College of Idaho Brand Campaign (Spring/Summer 2019, Video)

See the College's new "Brand Book" (Spring/Summer 2019)

David Bonine's speech, read by Sen. Robert Byrd to US Senate (begins on pg. 108) (Spring/Summer 2019, PDF)

Copper & Heat Website, including Beard Award-winning podcast (Spring/Summer 2019)

Expanded Alumni Appreciation of Faculty (Winter 2018, PDF)

More from Alan Fujishin (August 2018, PDF)

Full Question-and-Answer with David T. Martin (August 2018, PDF)

Expanded Field Notes from Chris Walser (May 2018, PDF)

Full Interviews with Christine Schutz, Jim Dull and Sue Schaper (May 2018, PDF)