Talent-Based Scholarships

Students may qualify for several talent-based scholarships at The College of Idaho:

  • Art
  • Debate
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Athletics

Please follow the guidelines below for each scholarship. To schedule a time for an audition, please fill out the Talent Scholarship Application Form and contact Evonne Earl at 208-459-5275 or [email protected]. If you are interested in an athletic scholarship, please contact the head coach for the program(s) you wish to pursue.


Athletics Staff Directory

  • The College of Idaho competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The college does offer talent based scholarships. These scholarships are directly controlled by the sport coaches themselves. Please contact the identified coach directly to discuss options.


New to C of I - CHEER!  If you are interested in joing this club or would like information contact GG Anderson at [email protected] or phone 208-371-3508.  Try-outs are tentativley scheduled for April 29th, click here for Pre-Registration


Students must submit a digital portfolio on a CD containing at least 12 and no more than 20 good quality, digital images of their most recent art. Portfolio guidelines are as follows:

  • Artwork should be recently completed within the last two years.
  • Artwork should be well lit and not photographed on a distracting background.
  • Images should be identified by title, date, media, and size.
  • Other views of 3-D artwork or details can be included.
  • Images from sketchbooks should only be included to contextualize other finished artworks in portfolio.

If it is practical, applicants may bring actual examples of work to their interview, but they will not be considered for a scholarship unless they also submit the digital portfolio. The digital portfolio will be retained by the art department.

  1. The digital portfolio must also include a general statement (300-500 words) that discusses the applicant's portfolio. The essay should be clearly and grammatically written; it may consist of an account of issues such as the applicant's efforts to master the medium; the applicant's attempts to explore a theme; or artistic challenges and successes.
  2. Faculty will review the digital portfolio and statement with the student during his or her on-campus interview. If applicants are unable to interview in person, portfolios and statements may still be reviewed by the department.

Other points to consider: Some high school art students, especially those in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, are required to keep art research journals or sketchbooks. Our art faculty find it helpful to see these. If that is not possible, scans of selected pages may be included with the images of the applicant's work.

Some applicants organize portfolios in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. This can be a good way to present the work as it allows for information about the work to be on the same slide as the image. Different views of the work can also be on the same slide.

Some applicants have websites that show their work. Submitting a link to a site is helpful, but it is not necessarily a substitute for the portfolio of selected images. Faculty wish to view those works that are of particular importance to the applicant. Exceptions are those sites that are intended to show the applicant's skill in web design.


Admission to the music program and scholarship awards will be based on such items as preparation, tone quality, stage presence, musicianship and potential for further growth. Students should demonstrate openness to learning, an interest in growing and a specific desire to attend The College of Idaho. Please submit or bring with you the following:

  1. Names of teachers/instructors with whom you have studied or know your music ability, their addresses and phone numbers.
  2. A resume listing the number of years of musical training (vocal and/or instrumental)
  3. A list of solo literature you studied, and a statement describing your musical interests and goals.

Auditions will be held on the C of I campus. Scholarships for the Department of Music are highly competitive and are awarded on the basis of musical potential and evidence of dedicated work. Call the department at 208-459-5275 to schedule your personal audition appointment.

  1. Voice – Students are asked to prepare two art songs or arias of contrasting styles, tempos or languages. Both songs may be sung in English. One of the songs may be from the jazz, folk or musical theatre genre.
  2. Keyboard – (Piano, Organ) Prepare two compositions from contrasting periods, one performed from memory.
  3. Instrumental – (Winds, Percussion, Strings) Play two etudes or solos from the standard literature that demonstrate technical ability and musicianship. Percussionists will be asked to play several rudiments on the snare drum. String students should have a three-octave major scale ready to demonstrate intonation and tone quality.
  4. Color guard - Auditions for Color Guard try-outs will be evaluated with the Band and Cheer Directors, Auditions/Tryouts times are (all can register for the same time) 1-2:30 then final tryout is 3-4 on the 1st of April.


Students interested in acting, design/technical and playwriting may be considered for theatre scholarships. Students should follow the guidelines below in auditioning for a scholarship.


  1. Please bring a brief resume with you which lists:
    • Productions in which you have appeared and the specific roles played.
    • Place where the production was produced (name of school, etc.).
    • Other positions held in theatre productions (technical crew, stage manager, publicity, etc.).
    • Any awards or honors received for your work.
  2. Prepare and memorize two monologues. They should be contrasting in mood and style (i.e., if you have a serious classical piece also have a comic contemporary piece). The guidelines include:
    • One classical (preferably Shakespeare).
    • One contemporary.
    • Pieces should be from acceptable, published works (no stand-up routines, screenplays or original works).
    • Each monologue should last approximately 1 minute.


Please bring a brief resume with you which lists:

  • Productions in which you have been responsible for an aspect of design (set, costume, lights, etc.).
  • Specific work performed.
  • Place where the production was produced (name of school or community organization, etc.).
  • A portfolio containing examples, photos or drawings of your designs and the finished product.
  • Any awards or honors received for your work.


Please bring:

  • A portfolio containing samples of your writing (drafts as well as finished scripts).
  • If your work has been produced, please bring photos or programs, etc. from the production(s).
  • Place where the production was produced (name of school or community organization, etc).
  • Any awards or honors received for your work.


Prospective students submit a resume outlining their experience and accomplishments in debate, theatre and any other performance art. Recommendation letters from coaches or camp leaders are encouraged.

The College of Idaho Howlin’ Yotes compete in Parliamentary Debate, International Public Debate, British Parliamentary Debate and the eleven speech events authorized by the AFA-NIET. Team members are required to participate in both speech and debate competition.

Our program offers incoming student scholarships that are highly competitive. The actual amount can vary depending on the experience/achievement of the particular student. We work to offer scholarships and help obtain other funding to make it more affordable for our most promising candidates to attend The College.