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Kelvin Sakyi and Christina Riddle

Sakyi, Riddle Research to Save a Tree

February 12, 2024

The two gave a poster presentation titled “Investigating Genetic Diversity of the American Chestnut Planted in the Pacific Northwest.” The presentations took place in a large ballroom, with dozens of posters being presented. Yet Riddle and Sakyi noticed people seemed drawn to their poster.

Dr. Ashley Ferguson in Museum

Grant Creates Opportunity to Catalog Museum’s Collection

January 31, 2024

On top of the goal of creating a complete informational archive of the Museum’s contents, Clark expects to achieve another goal by enhancing the Museum’s relationship with the community, both the campus community and the surrounding community.

Sibu Mahlangu

Mahlangu Recognized for Integrity, Leadership and Service

December 14, 2023

In addition to his presidential role with the ISO, Mahlangu is a Counsel for Diversity and Inclusion representative, a Peer Health Advocate, a member of the Africans, Friends, Relatives and Others (AFRO) club and the Gaming club.

Mike Shines

QUEST 2018: Mentored by Mike

November 15, 2023

As The College of Idaho mourns the passing of our longtime coach and mentor, Mike Shines, we share this feature story about him from our Fall/Winter 2018 issue of our alumni magazine, Quest, written by longtime professor Alan Minskoff.