Cost to Attend

How much will it cost to attend The College of Idaho?

The Cost of Attendance for 2015-16 for a full-time (12 credits or more) undergraduate student living on campus at The College of Idaho are estimated to be:

Costs                                               semester                            Per Year

Room & Board**                             $4,175                              $8,351

Books & Supplies                           $600                                 $1,200

Personal & Misc.                            $750                                 $1,500

Transportation                               $350                                 $700

Fees*                                             $377                                 $755

Tuition                                           $12,700                            $25,400

Estimated Cost of Attendance**     $18,952                               $37,906

*Academic Service Fee, Student Fees, New Student Fee, **Average room $3,920 and Block Plan B + ID St Sales Tax $4,430.80, ***Total Cost of Education does not include class specific fees or student insurance. The Summer semester has different costs associated, please see the Cost of Attendance page for details.

Is The College of Idaho affordable?

Good question.  Yes, we think so.  But more importantly we think it’s worth it – worth your time and investment. And to help answer your question, here are some statistics that help prove families from different income levels find it possible.

Total Family Income (2014)           # of Students

Less than 30k                                       190+

30k-47k                                                 130+

48k-74k                                                 170+

75k-109k                                               140+

110k and greater                                   140+