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Life as a College DJ

A lot of my weekend memories involve rushing to set up DJ equipment in a crowded basement, living room, or garage. Either scrambling to connect to the vintage stereo system or lugging my own speakers and routing cables away from places where people might trip on them, and finding a small table to unpack my gear constitutes most of this frantic set up. I play house parties for free, I know that students don’t have much in the way to provide (other than refreshments), and the house parties are the fun gigs anyways.

Consider the Clam

Humanity should ban the practice of selling clams in excess of 500 miles from the ocean. A clam quickly becomes the perfect containment device for the next super virus. It’s a petri dish, but less sanitary. Only the most steel-stomached or desperate should attempt to pry open a clam and vacuum out its insides if a saltwater beach isn’t in sight. Come to think of it, eating a clam is not a thing you can proudly do. Eating a clam is the dining equivalent of picking your nose in public, if you lock eyes with someone while in the act, you’re done for.

Best Day Ever

I have not posted for a while, so I decided today would be the day to change that. If you have read any of my other posts, I normally divulge some sort of embarrassing anecdote. I promise you I still have a plethora of those, but I thought I would try sharing some advice instead. Don’t feel obligated to follow it or even read it for that matter, but I will simply leave this text here and what you decide to do with your eyes is up to you.

Freshmen Fifteen and Advice from my Mom

“Be kind and take care of yourself.” -Kat’s Mom.

The freshmen fifteen is defined as a rite of passage. It’s not necessarily a product of overeating or even the binge drinking but sometimes a combination of the two, stress, and the shock of a brand-new environment. Everyone has a different combination of causes, but whatever they turn out to be, the freshmen fifteen is kind of a natural happening.

College Dorms and Christmas Lights

I recently got a clapper for the Christmas lights I have strung up around my room. A clapper is a neat little product that you can plug lights into, and then plug it into the wall. If you set it up correctly, all you have to do to turn lights on and off is clap a couple times. It took maybe a total of ten minutes to finally get it working properly. My boyfriend and I stood incredibly close to the outlet the contraption was attached too, and progressively moved across the room to try and make sure it was listening from every corner of the room.

Mock Supreme Court

In the minds of most United States citizens, The Supreme Court is a bastion of the rule of law, the rights of man, and order. Professor Kerry Hunter’s winter term class version, Mock Supreme Court, allows students to put themselves in the shoes of the minds inhabiting the highest court in the United States.

Snow Day 2017 Memoir

Caldwell is a libertarian paradise. On the drive in from the interstate, we are greeted by the Ralph Smeed sign, warning us about the dangers of President Obama, national healthcare regimes, and the Reptilian Illuminati. It is then no wonder that we have no adequate tax regime to afford timely snowplow services to accommodate our intermountain, high desert, climate. Fierce independence doesn’t justify that kind of creeping government intrusion.

And thank goodness for that because it means we get snow days.

I Have No Idea Yet

For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, going home for the holidays is a cute and fun break with the family, free of worries. But for seniors, being home for the holidays means you can’t avoid the one question you’ve hated your whole life: so… what’s next?

Winter in Idaho

Our family went to my grandparent’s cabin on the Wyoming-Idaho border for the weekend. In stark contrast to the densely populated boroughs of New York, Palisades Reservoir is still and silent in the winter. I decided to strap on a pair of snowshoes and crunch through the undisturbed feet of freshly fallen snow to the summit of a mountain behind the cabin.

What 2016 Has Taught Me - It's Been a Loooong Year


The other night, I had a really weird dream.

Stay with me, dear reader. It’s a good one.