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Travel Underway

Greetings from the international terminal of Chicago O’Hare. I’m currently sitting in the seating area for M11, my boarding gate for the Chicago-London leg of my trip. At the moment, I’m texting my best friend, who just sent me some cute animal pictures, and pretending that I wasn’t just #publiccrying a little bit.  I’m also trying to pretend that I didn’t buy a $6 yogurt parfait from Starbucks, but there’s only so much I can lie to myself. 

It's Only The First Week of School, Why Am I Already So Busy?

I can’t believe I've barely been back at C of I for a week. It’s shaping up to be a pretty busy year so far.

Rafting, Rapids, Radness

I think it’s time we give a little credit where credit is due, our COI Outdoor Program is the actual best thing ever. They send us off on wild adventures into the great unknown for a small and college-kid capable fee, and bring us back safe and sound to boot. Case in point, the first outing we’ve had this year, whitewater rafting along the beautiful Payette River. The whole day was perfect; we slathered on sunscreen and loaded onto the buses at noon, and spent the two-hour drive catching up and napping (but mostly napping) alongside all of the friends we haven’t seen all summer long.

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The Future Soon

I've learned several things in the past few days. I've learned that there are worse things in life than having an unusable laptop for 72 hours. I've learned that no one is a harsher critic than that person in your mirror. I've learned that a hot dog can be a sandwich if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

But most importantly, I've learned that the future is soon. In fact, it may have arrived completely unheralded, as if it had rolled out of bed at noon on a Saturday and waltzed over to the cafe in sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

T-Minus One Week (Sort Of)

It’s the first day of school at C of I, and I’m not there. Instead of heading to class, I’m trial packing my suitcases to see if I can indeed, fit five months worth of clothes, shoes, and dorm items into two suitcases. So far, so good. I guess this means that I’ve been grossly over packing for the last three years; when I moved out from the Village last spring, it took three carloads.

The Adventures of Bigfoot and Steve

Let’s talk about the frayed fabric of time and space for a minute, readers.

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From One Nest to Another

Here we are again: next verse, same as the first, except that this verse feels more like a bridge leading to an epic guitar solo that dives into the chorus that everyone sings along with even if they can't decide on the right key. Tomorrow is move-in day for my final year at the College of Idaho, and it's finally time for this Retail Robin to pick up all his twigs and leaves and fly them over to Caldwell for one extremely final time.

Hello From the Far Side of August

Greetings, and welcome to my third and final year of blogging. This is normally the time I’d re-introduce myself and give you a rundown of my involvement with the College, but this year will be a little different. Namely because I won’t be going back to College of Idaho. 

For a semester, that is. 

Fix, Nein, Stay.

My summer was so inanely boring that I will refrain from boring you with the details of the last three months. Long story short: it was hot, I cried over TV shows a lot, and my mom still expects me to make my bed. That’s it. That’s all that happened. But, with school T-Minus two weeks from starting, I decided to make my prodigal return. Like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Twinkies, it was time for my comeback tour.

That Freshmen Feeling

This summer my little sister graduated from high school. Like most seniors, she was ready to get out of there, practically skipped across the stage to receive her diploma, and then spent the next two weeks celebrating her newfound freedom with the rest of her friends. It was exciting to watch, and it brought back all the same feelings I had had three years ago when I graduated. I was reminded of how exhilarating it had been, knowing that the high school part of my life was over, and that college, a goal I had been working towards my whole life, was on the horizon.