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Penultimate Professor Pronunciations (aka Quotes from Professors)

"Drumroll please...." Quotes from Professors is back!! Here's what the C of I professors have been talking about in class lately:

They are elaborating on their class rules:

“I don’t care if you’re Hemingway, I want what I want.” – LiCalzi

“For this piece, sound angry and like Arnold Schwarzenegger and we’ll be alright.” – Dr. Wells

“Take 30 seconds, free swim with the Italian.” – Dr. Wells

“This class is part paper-writing workshop, part group therapy.” – Dayley

What’s in a Word but Time and Coffee?

Some jerk said that you have to spend 10,000 hours doing something before you are truly a master at it. Thankfully that means I am a master of sitting, sleeping, being awake, listening to ABBA, and potentially even thinking. The last is to be debated. Yet, there is a particular mastery that I crave too deeply. The metrics are not entirely applicable, but still the hours linger when I start to think about my progress towards the dream goal:

Voorheesian Ramblings

Excuse me a moment. I feel the need to indulge. Voorhees is my home again and I want to express what that is like.

Rothko, Me, and the Literature Degree

I have been very fortunate as a student here at The College of Idaho to have two majors that I’ve loved in such a way as to make my probable future as a waitress somewhat worth it (I’m kidding Professor Schaper, I know how much you hate the waitress jokes). When I made the choice to major in Literature in English and Theatre, I knew it would likely be challenging, as both degrees rested within the same PEAK category.

Birds and Stuff

The thing about being a senior is that your so busy doing stuff for class, for clubs, for real life, that you don’t really have time to cry as much as you’d like. I mean, that’s a problem I hear people have. Not me, though. I never cry, especially not right now as I write this.

Senior Thesis (What!?) and Opera Singing

Well, this semester certainly threw me back into the swing of things quickly. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it is the spring semester of my senior year, but still. The first week of class, my professors kept saying, “Since you’re not that busy yet…” and I would internally hyperventilate because I was just as busy as I had been in the middle of last semester.

Cheers to the Kindlers!

Interviews scare the hell out of me.

So I decided to get scared.


As someone who is always in some degree of panic, I cannot express how much Winter Term means to me. Winter Term is quiet. College, like your Aunt Tammy’s personality, can only be described as much a lot; people are always expecting things from you, there’s shouting, and more often than not you’re crying. Winter Term is a break in the song, the instrumental jazz bridge before the swinging upbeat of the final refrain.

“But ere we this perform…

…we’ll conjure for a storm”…of singing! Winter term is often a time of relaxing and low stress – with only one class, you can take it easy. Alas, this was not to be for me this winter term. I am taking 4 classes, with a total of 5 credits. Two of those classes are Chamber Singers and Chorale (the two choirs I’m in), which both rehearse for two hours every day. Then, in the fall, I auditioned for C of I’s opera this year – Dido and Aeneas. I was thrilled to get the part of Second Witch.

Only the Good Die Immortal

David. Bowie.

It’s a name that brings people to all sorts of memory. From the well-known Ziggy Stardust to the more obscure Thin White Duke, Bowie has always been beyond this fickle Earth in his character and manner. Visionary is a word that is often misused, but Bowie had a vision that he could only express to us, never explain. That said, I am by no means a devout Bowian. His passing has, however, been directly connected to the mood of winter so far.