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Cold and Betrayed: The Thespian Freeze Out

When I volunteered for the Thespian Freeze Out it was under the sincere impression that I wasn’t going to be going into the dunk tank. There were lots of people volunteering, and way better targets than me. I had no enemies that I knew of, and most of my friends were broke. What did I have to fear?

Chanse Ward and Eric Wakeman apparently, who, in an act of betrayal the likes of which I have never known, conspired against me to place more money in my jar than had any business being there.

Peace and Poetry, No More Snow

My break was spent amidst a sea of family with little space for people and a lot of white fudge oreos.

Kitchen Hero Ep. 2: Sugar, Sugar

Round 2, this time with the sweets and treats. I’ll save you the heavy introduction from Episode 1 and get right to the deliciousness. This week we’ll be making 3 relatively quick dishes: tiramisu, scones (straight from Nana), and fudge. These are home recipes, so they’re a bit vague. I like it though; if I spelled everything out for you, there’d be no spirit of discovery.


3-4 egg yolks

Watch Yer Step!

Buckle up, this one’s going to be a bit preachy. It’s time for me to bless you with a quarter-life crisis. Y’know, standard stuff. Don’t worry though, I’ll throw in some parentheticals for giggles.

Please 2016, Be Gentle

It’s New Years!

Who can believe it’s already that special time of let's all make a bunch of promises to ourselves that fall through by February!

The Saddest Time of Year

Who’s ready for good ol’ fashioned PSA, courtesy of Winter Break?

Game of Thrones tried to warn us. The delightfully macabre catchphrase of the show’s protagonist family, “Winter is coming”, is one that is meant to be taken as a warning— a reminder for constant vigilance because your enemies are around the corner. Out in the real world, winter is already here and instead of the beheaded patriarchs and medieval sass of Game of Thrones, our winter is a much craftier, silent enemy. It’s also a hell of a lot sadder.

All I Wanted For Christmas was the End of This Semester

In between shoveling plates full of homemade food into my mouth, I was totally holding my breath waiting for grades to come out. It’s like for five minutes you’re just purely grateful that finals are over and you can sleep for a solid nine hours without waking up in a pool of your own sweat while your subconscious screams at you for letting Dr. Mansfield down with your uselessness. That moment after you turn in the last final is literally nothing but pure exultation, as the hell you have been living in is finally at an end.

The Great Academic War Part Two: Finality Enforced

I am writing to you now at the end of battle before a final, decisive moment in my academia comes to pass. The war has been fought thoroughly with few casualties, but there are losses and gains that will be remembered for years to come. I bravely stepped into Dr. Kim's arena to fight my best, but was met with significant defeat that still stings. Yet, my close reading of "The Waste Land" stands as an astonishing breath of potential success. The final to match it, for Dr. Knickerbocker's closely reading poems course, was one that I feel great confidence about.

The Great Academic War Part I: Before the Storm

Treat boxes from Pizza Hut cannot be delivered on Thanksgiving. I found this out firsthand over the most recent break. It was a reprieve from the heart of a penultimate battle before the final exam storm would come. T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" demanded a close reading essay, as well as Poe's "City in the Sea". A preface for "Let Loose" was also due. As much as I enjoy apocalyptic poetry and stories about spectral hands choking people out, there was much to do. These essays represented the last skirmishes for the longest phase of a great war.

All the Holidays!

The amazing diversity of people and views at C of I never ceases to amaze me. For example, tonight I went to an event put on by the Arabic-Hebrew Club celebrating three holidays: Hanukkah, Eid Al-Mawlid An-Nawbi, and Christmas. These are, respectively, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian holidays that are all celebrated in December this year.