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Summer resolutions

By Madai Montes

Last night I had the worst dream ever. In it, I could not perform normally. It took place in my job, Pizza Hut. A table ordered drinks, and as I went to the back to fulfill their request, I found it impossible to serve a simple Mountain Dew and water.

Magic in the air

By Sara Davis

Just got wind of some good news… I get to jack my dad’s bike for the school year!  As I return for round two at The College of Idaho, I am going to take advantage of the dreamy, flat terrain of Southwest Idaho. Last year I would start my morning jogging a couple blocks to the public library, or to the YMCA.… In my home town, a breezy jog or bike ride is rather unheard of (for each street is infamous for a hill, mountain slope, or valley that would make even Lance Armstrong shiver).

Looking forward ...

By Melanie Palmer

I’ll be making the trek back to Caldwell in about a week and a half, and lately I’ve been thinking about the things that I’m most excited about. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life between school and home – the difference in people, places, and routines makes me more aware of what I miss about the alternative.  Here are some of the things about my C of I life that I’m most excited about returning to…

Balancing the besties

By Sara Davis

Summer is such a time warp. I swear it was just last week I was hauling my wardrobe, bedding, microwave, roommate, mini-fridge, lamp, stale popcorn, towels and guitar between my freshman dorm and my chariot (a periwinkle Toyota Highlander, i.e. Heidi). And to think I have to haul all of that back to Idaho in but a MONTH?! Cut me some slack, Father Time.

A Moment in Time

By Dorgham Abusalim

This year I come back to campus after having been away for longer than usual. I spent the spring of my Junior year interning in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., and then I flew back to the Middle East for the summer time. I’m writing from Amman, Jordan. Amidst family occasions, and the joyful times of Ramadan nights the thought of becoming a Senior keeps me alert.

Brown Gold

By Andrew Moore

So… This is my first post right?

There’s a lot of pressure here.

How do I start off this magical nexus of thought issued solely by yours truly? How should I begin to construct the fountain of brilliance and intrigue that will captivate the minds and hearts of prospective students, current students, alumni, parents and professors?

But really, I’m not exactly sure where to begin.

Welcome to The College of Idaho Experience

Hello and welcome to Experience The College of Idaho, our new blog focusing on the student experience here at one of nation’s best small colleges. Throughout the upcoming year, you’ll see what it’s like to live and learn here at C of I through the eyes of five of our students. Like every student here, each of the bloggers has a unique perspective and diverse interests. A member of the Yotes volleyball team, an environmental studies major, an freshman who’s already established herself as an educational activist, the organizer of the College’s first “Human vs.