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Allow Me to Introduce You to My Good Friend, Me

Hey there!  I am new to the Student Experience blog, so here is a list of Mariah-isms and fun facts (in no particular order) to get us acquainted:

How to see campus in a different light

So all day yesterday, I was tramping around campus with my camera, and all I did was shoot panoramas. I took nearly 1,000 odd photos, which were stitched up into 4 good panoramas, and a few absolutely horrid ones. I just started taking panoramas, inspired by the work of Jan Boles, who is the campus archivist/historian. You can see his work at

So here are the panoramas:


View from The Hat along Cleveland Avenue.

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Got Introductions?

You know how Lao-tzu said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"? Well, the journey of a student experience blogger here at The College of Idaho is kind of like that, since our journeys start with a single introductory post. Sure, such a post might not be anywhere close to as deep or complex as ancient Chinese philosophy, but come on, a guy can dream, can't he?

Getting Started (Extra) Early

We’re just a little bit past the halfway mark for heading back to school. On Wednesday, I got emails from the school confirming my room assignment, meal plan, and listing move in dates. I actually get to move in a few days before the regularly scheduled date because my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, gets together in the days before school to start working on formal recruitment, which happens a few weeks into school.

Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

Dear Yoties -- Boise may not have the art scene of LA, New York, or Paris. But that’s not to say we’re an artistic desert.  If you want evidence that Boise’s sense of culture is alive and well, all you need to do is head downtown on the first Thursday of each month.

This place called China

So, last month I probably had the one of the most defining trips that I've ever been on. About three years ago, at the end of my freshman year, it was drawing close to finals and I was sitting in HIS-210 (Modern East Asia) taught by Professor Jeff Snyder-Reinke. We'd moved through most of the topics that were on the syllabus and on this day Dr. Snyder was showing us a slideshow. The pictures he showed us were captured two years earlier in the western provinces of China. These weren't stills commissioned for research purposes though.

Walking With Giants

Hey Yoties,

Last week, my family and I packed up the car and headed west for a family vacation. We drove to the Oregon coast, passing good old Caldwell in route.  Considering how vast the U.S. is Idaho—or at least the Treasure Valley—is located far enough away from the coast to make a road trip feasible, but still tiring. This time around, we actually drove down the length of the Oregon coast to the very southern end of Oregon so that we could make forays into Northern California’s redwood forests.   

Throwing Stuff and Burning Stuff. Yay Summer.

So campus is pretty empty these days. It is supposed to be so, school is over. However, there are still a few hardcore college students who soldier on and continue living in Caldwell during the break. Now, farming is lonely work, with only the plants keeping you company. So after almost a month and a half of keeping to myself, and petting rabbits and stealing the eggs my chickens lay, I decided that I would finish my self imposed exile of sorts.

Final Lap

Well. I made it. It's almost been four years since I unboxed all my stuff on the first floor of Hayman. 

It's really not something I've thought about until this week. Being a student, I sometimes just get caught up living semester to semester. But now it's really hit me that I'm down to only two. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so actually being forced to sit down and ask "where am I going to be this time next year?" is a pretty daunting question that I'll have to answer soon. But that can wait.

Elephants in Boise

Although I live on campus during the school year, in the summer I still call Boise home. Luckily, most of my friends are also from the Treasure Valley, and they stick around for the summer.  On Saturday, I met up with three of my C of I friends to stroll through Boise’s Saturday Market and to see a circus parade complete with two elephants.