Campus Living Communities

Throughout your years at the College of Idaho, you will have the opportunity to live in three very different campus housing options: five residence halls, two apartment buildings, and eighteen rental houses. Each living environment is unique and is shaped by the students who reside there.

Residence Halls 

Our residence halls are traditional corridor-style housing with shared bathrooms and common areas. Residents form strong community bonds in this setting and are supported in this growth by a wide-range of intentionally developmental programming. The residence halls are supported by professional and student staff who are trained to build strong communities, to respond to resident needs and emergencies, and to connect residents with campus resources.  Students are required to live in campus housing for their first 3 years (or 6 terms).

Every residence hall has recreation, laundry, kitchen, and lounge rooms.  Student rooms include a bed, mattress, desk, chair, dresser, closet or wardrobe, individual heating/cooling unit and network connections for personal computers. Residence halls also have wireless connectivity.

The Village Apartments

The Village apartments offer juniors and seniors the convenience of being on campus coupled with a more independent living environment.  The Village is staffed with an apartment manager to provide minimal programming and to address concerns and apartment issues.  Village residents are students who already have strong ties to the C of I community.

Rental Houses

The College also owns a number of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom houses in the neighborhood immediately to the south of campus. These houses are available to students to rent and are intended for upper-class students who have already made a strong connection to the community and now wish for a more autonomous living environment.  The Office of Residence Life provides our house residents support and guidance (such as conflict mediation in roommate disputes). Addressing house-management issues, however, is the responsibility of the residents (such as paying bills on time, abiding by a rental agreement, house cleaning and care). This structure is intended to help students learn the concrete skills necessary to negotiate the world outside C of I.

Anderson Hall

Anderson residents are current students who have at least a 3.0 GPA, and who balance active engagement in the classroom and their living community, contributing positively to campus life.  Anderson is the Honors Hall on campus. Anderson houses up to 100 residents in single rooms. 

Finney Hall

Finney is defined by its stately columns, sweeping stairs to its entry and its identity as the first women’s residence on campus in 1910.  Now co-ed, Finney’s 70 residents enjoy living in a mature, historic, and quiet community located at the center of campus. Finney was remodeled in 2017 to a suite-style living community. All bedrooms are single rooms. Finney is an Honor Code Community, a unique residential community in which its residents are able to tailor College policies to fit the needs of the residents. Residents in Finney must hold themselves, and each other, accountable to the community's standards.

Hayman Hall

Hayman is a high energy, active, and diverse community that nurtures a supportive transition to college life.  Hayman is co-ed by neighbor and houses predominantly freshmen in double rooms. Hayman houses up to 190 students and was renovated in 2008.  Hayman also offers a Healthy Living Floor.   Residents on the Healthy Living floor sign an agreement stating that they will refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances in their living community.  They also agree not to subject their neighbors to the second-hand effects of these substances. 

Simplot Hall

Simplot has traditionally been the home of campus leaders and students who worked, through service initiatives, to make a better community. "Simplotians" are diverse, caring, active, and love being so close to the cafeteria! Simplot Hall was renovated in 2008 and houses both upper-class and freshmen students. Simplot houses 140 residents in double, single, and triple rooms (depending upon occupancy).  Freshmen live together on the north side.

Voorhees Hall

Voorhees Hall opened in 1912 as the first residence hall for men. Now co-ed, the building's columns, brick exterior, and high ceilings make it a favorite for freshmen. Together with its neighbor, Hayman, Voorhees makes up the freshmen living community. 

The Village

The Village apartments were constructed in 2002 and house 48 residents.  Each apartment includes bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and dining area, a bathroom, and a laundry room.