Finney Hall

Finney Hall, named for Julia Finney, was built in 1910 and at one time housed the dining hall and the chemistry department. Historically it was the all women's residence hall on campus, but became co-ed by floor in 2003. Finney houses a close-knit community of up to 75 students. Finney has a standard corridor layout with double rooms, triple rooms, and a limited number of single rooms. The first floor rooms have high ceilings and large windows. Finney Hall is centrally located on campus next to Terteling Library.

Finney Hall is in it's eighth year of being an Honor Code Dorm. The Honor Code gives students the ability to change and tailor college policies to fit the community's needs. The residents run their own judicial board and hold each other accountable to the honor code. While this can be a challenge and sometimes more work for the students, it has helped foster a very close, committed community.

NOTE: All floor plan sizes are approximate. The picture is meant to represent the average size of the type of room listed. Room sizes in Finney, Voorhees, and Simplot, especially, vary from room to room.

Finney Hall Floor Plan

Finney/Voorhees Double: