I knew it was coming!

I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! There I said it! Happy!? No need to keep it bottled up inside anymore. I have been a procrastinator since I was in elementary school. The thing is though, I thought I learned my lesson since then. I told myself not to be involved in too many things this year and that way there would be no way I could get behind! WRONG! It sucks that I cannot join a sorority, or choir, or martial arts, or Model UN, or any other really epic thing that campus offers but I simply do not have time.

I settled on Debate and Drama as my core focuses because I love those two things and it seems like a good balance. Usually I start off really well, I keep my agenda organized real well and my room is clean and I am healthy and well. Then a few weeks pass, and it usually happens the third week, and I start to slow down. Oh the dreaded third week! I knew this was going to happen! I just didn’t want it to! Here is the thing, on Monday I did not go to sleep until 4 a.m. Because I decided to leave my homework for the last minute, and I wasn’t sleepy. Because of that, my entire week has been a slow mess.

My room is a wreck, my agenda is empty, my email is full, my eyes are killing me and I am running on practically no sleep all because of my dreaded curse. EVERYTHING WAS GOING PERFECTLY FINE! Then the third week happens….but it’s ok. Because after the third week I usually pick myself up and start over.

Then three weeks later….