The problem with schedules

You know how everyone tells you that there are so many things going on campus? And how there is no possible way you won’t have anything to do on campus? Well what happens if everything is scheduled when you are not available? The minute you become available, nothing is going on, or worse, nothing is open. It seems like everything I want to do, such as our hall program tie dye party or the caramel apple party, is always scheduled around when I am not available. It’s like everyone knows my schedule and secretly makes sure to schedule everything so that I will not be able to attend. :)  JK. Well, I know that is not the case but it is what it seems like.

With classes, work and debate, just having that extra bit of time to attend school events seems to be harder and harder each week. That is why I love 24 hour businesses! These 24 hour locations make it possible for me to live! Well, that is slightly exaggerated, but they make it so even if I have a hectic, busy day I can still manage to go out and do something. Even if it is at 2 a.m.

Dutch Bros, Los Betos, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Denny’s and Shari’s keep me going. Who knew that these random restaurants and stores would become some of the essential things in my life. Without Dutch Bros, I wouldn’t be able to buy my coffee that keeps me awake while doing homework at 3 a.m. Without Los Betos, I would not be able to have some decent Mexican food when my random munchies appear in the middle of the night. Without Wal-Mart or Walgreens, I wouldn’t be able to buy my Ramen noodles or essential snacks that keep me going throughout the week. Without Denny’s or Shari’s, ooooh, who would want to live in a world without either of them. They are like the replacement for a home-cooked meal, only more expensive.

So even when it is impossible to squeeze dinner in a hectic schedule, even when it is impossible to attend international food festivals and movie viewing parties, everything gets better when you can gather up a group of friends (who are still awake) and not have to worry about a restaurant closing on you. Because they are always open! So even when your schedule is impossible, there will always be 24/7 hour services. And no, they did not pay me to write this blog, I am just truly thankful. Thank you 24/7 business for keeping me alive and prosperous!


-Madai Montes