Debate Week at Lewis and Clark College

Here I am sitting in a huge conference room reserved especially for debaters at Lewis and Clark College. Amazingly, this is my first time in Portland, Oregon. I have to admit I was freakishly excited when my purchases were not enhanced by sales tax! It was awesome!

But anyway, here I am sitting. Hungry, the caf is closed because it is the school’s fall break and it closes early or something like that. I admit, I love debate tournaments. But there are a few unfun things about them. Number one is not being able to eat. Usually you are in such a hurry between rounds, that your only comfort food is snacks or any cheap fast food you can find open.

Usually we sit around and wait for postings to come up, these specific postings let us know where and when we are competing. Debate and Speech are split up. So you do your debate event and then your speech. If you are only doing one, you usually have excess amount of time to sleep … or eat. Strangely, since I have started debating I am used to sleeping anywhere I can.

Hotels, they are just another place to sleep. I love hotels, they are my unsubscribed gods. I can pack for an overnighter in literally 10 minutes. Traveling is extremely easy now because of all the traveling we do. I love it! The only bad thing is the stomach problems and the early mornings, late nights, and lost weekends.

Sometimes though, you feel, well why in the hell would I not want to spend my weekend here? As long as you have your homework done, and everything. Life is good. Just pay someone to do your laundry. :)

-Madai Montes