Study break, anyone?

Let me be the last to fill you in. Midterms are here… Say whatttt?! Six weeks have come and left, and my oh my did that go fast.  And I thought freshman year was a blur… Luckily, us students have a week full of tests, papers, and quizzes to ground us every six weeks.  Most students are running off of large quantities of sugar, a caffeinated beverage, or sheer anxiety.  Personally, I have just recently found my fix amidst this hectic time:

Free stuff.

Not only do free things exhilarate me, they are not too hard to come by here at the College.  Around midterms, Program Council does their fair share in spreading some love…

Last weekend, they brought out James Orr.  A rising artist in Boise, he made an appearance in McCain for an evening of earthy chords and thoughtful lyrics.

On top of a free show, I helped myself to a hot chocolate, so generously paid for by PC.

Just the other night, I broke away from the library to witness the C of I’s infamous Open Mic, where students of many talents take the stage.  It was a great turn out, and Bon Appetit always provides a nice spread of snacks (…for free).  But it gets better…

Following Open Mic, comedian Michelle Buteau hit the stage.  Straight out of New York, she had us rolling as she indirectly made fun of every aspect of college.  A real straight shooter.

So as you can see, Midterms Week isn’t all booky-booky-study-die.  The silver lining is composed of compassionate parents, quiet hours in the dorm, and free stuff!  Once you get past the lack of sleep, the stress related acne and the constant fight against apathy, you can really attain a greater appreciation for the little things.  Study on, Garth.

PHOTO: Sweet duet during open mic.

-Sara Davis